GFW TNA & AJ Styles. Round whatever

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Last night, TNA posted an update on their website regarding AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson signing with the WWE. In said statement TNA claimed that they had an agreement with Styles, Gallows & Anderson to come to TNA after Wrestlekingdom, key note here is that Anderson at the time that TNA claim to have been in negotiations with him was still under contract with NJPW.

    Obviously this did not come to fruition. So TNA released the statement below:

    Why did they release this statement? To try and shame AJ? Shame WWE? Shame themselves? Try and derail any sort of plans WWE might have had for AJ at the rumble? AJ's agent released the following statement today:
    "No contract was ever finalized nor signed by the parties.

    That I would need to be involved in the contract process was known by TNA prior to my involvement and understood by them.

    TNA and its 1st lawyer did not present in a timely fashion a contract that accurately reflected previous discussions at all. That created great concern tied to past experiences. In that time and prior there was other interest and there were other firm offers on the table and other discussions.

    TNA was aware of other interest and various conflicts. TNA was aware a final contract was required. It was creating that contract and controlled that timetable. Too much time passed early on. Other things came into play. No contract was ever finalized with TNA.

    To suggest I make any decision for my clients is to misunderstand my role and diminish the role each talent has in making their own decisions, and insults the talent in the process."

    So what happened? There was talks between TNA and AJ, but never a finalized contract. TNA had until a certain date to present a contract offer, but during the time it took them to create the contract offer, WWE came in and topped whatever offer TNA had presented. And AJ & friends chose to go to WWE. Seems pretty simple.

    Big question is why TNA chose to make it public that their negotiations fell through. They themselves claim it was because fans were asking for it. Which sounds reasonable. I myself also think they wanted to try and steal some spotlight during what might be the biggest weekend in AJ's career so far.
  2. This smells really fishy to me. I have a feeling negotiations didn't get this far at all and they're just trying to look good by saying they were going to go there first (which, in fact, doesn't make them look good, but I have no problem believing they think it does).
  3. TNA is definitely lying because seeing these guys go to WWE would kill them even more.

    Let it go Dixie... Let it go... It's over
  5. They have run the full emotional gauntlet.
    I've seen everything from "I hope AJ dies" "AJ is Judas" "Why would Aries and AJ go to WWE, they won't be used right" to "This is a brilliant way for TNA to get some BUZZ!"
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