TNA Always Evolve app Review.

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  1. First of all. Hardy is your "personal trainer"​
    If you watch the picture you see it's not really realistic. Yeah, multicolor hair and clothes, Hardy style I guess. This looks awful in my opinion.​
    The next thing is that you'll be training like a wrestler. Well, wrestlers may train like they show in the app but you can do all that and more at home, for free. Yeah, they show you how to do it, that's the only good part of the app.​
    The app is 1.99$​
    YouTube videos are free.​
    YouTube will teach you the very same things you'll learn with the app.​
    My questions:​
    Is it worth to pay for this app?​
    If you could pick your "personal trainer" would you buy it?​
    My answers to the questions above:​
    Is it worth to pay for this app? No, you can get it for free
    If you could pick your "personal trainer" would you buy it? If they look like Hardy... NO!
  2. Lawls.:dawg:

    But hey, it's at least SOME marketing move, I guess. Better than doing nothing.
  3. It's true, but would you buy it? I prefer to search videos in youtube lmao. I bought the app thinking it was something better tbh
  4. I wouldn't buy it if it was fucking free. I'd rather buy his concussions he gave for free in 2010.
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