TNA and OVW Severe Ties?

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  1. According to F4WOnline, TNA has severed ties with OVW as of this writing. The expectation is that all TNA developmental talents are expected to relocate to Orlando, but that isn't confirmed.


    Good call, neither were really having profit of each other tbh. OVW got more out of TNA than vice versa, in the end, IMHO.
  2. Fuck you TNA you juist screwed over all the wrestlers who trained at OVW and now they have nothing. Also TNA copying WWE once again by having a training facility in Orlando where WWE has their training facility
  3. Verbal crap always coming out of your mouth, isn't it? Those wrestlers still work for TNA, and TNA was in Orlando way before WWE, you ignorant human being.
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  4. You've been asked to stop this multiple times now, this adds nothing to the discussion.
  5. Can you make her a limited user where she cant post or make threads in the TNA section?
  6. Asked about In the staff section.
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  7. die in a grease fire troll
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  8. That's what limited user means? It's gold Adam, it's gold.

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