News TNA Announces 1 Hour BFG Pre-Show to Air on Spike TV

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 13, 2013)

    – TNA is partnering with Spike TV for a second year to bring fans behind the scenes for "IMPACT WRESTLING's" biggest night of the year in a one-hour live special, "Countdown to Bound For Glory," on Sunday Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT. TNA's "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View (PPV), now in its ninth year, airs live from San Diego and across the globe on Sun, Oct. 20, at 8 p.m. ET.

    "Countdown to Bound For Glory" will feature:

    *An exclusive "Bound For Glory" match

    *Highlights of the "BFG Series" leading to the main event between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray and "BFG Series" winner "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

    *Live backstage interviews, including social integration where fans will have the opportunity to have questions answered live on the air by TNA Superstars

    *Unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to "Bound For Glory" weekend events, including Fan Interaction and the induction of Olympic Gold Medalist and TNA Superstar Kurt Angle into the TNA Hall of Fame

    "The ‘Countdown' show is a fantastic way for fans to get hyped about the ‘Bound for Glory' event," said TNA President Dixie Carter. "We are thrilled to once again partner with Spike TV to give an all-access look into the events and all the action of the biggest-ever ‘Bound For Glory' weekend."

  2. Sounds pretty good. I think I'll tune in.
  3. Don't like the 30 minute WWE ones, Most likely not gonna like this one. Its not a bad move as it gets more money just not my thing
  4. Last year, this pre-show got around 1.4 million viewers and it was pretty damn impressive, hopefully it gets around the same this year too. It's Sunday night after all.
  5. Live match for the pre-show announced, with the winners moving on to the PPV later on the evening to face Storm & Gunner for the Tag Team Titles.

  6. Hahaha is Abyss still doing that lawyer bullshit? Fuckin' classic.
  7. EY's rape face for the win.
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  8. Wait... so we're stuck with a BFG without either Park or BI? Come on, man!

    Don't see how they can fill the show without a lot of those guys, but hey: Should be a fun match. :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Fingers crossed for Daniels and Kaz, They can pull out a good match from Gunner and even if not Storm, Kaz and Daniels will make up for it.
  10. What's with the hate on Gunner? Never understood that, and never will. Good in-ring worker, in small doses is good on the mic, great shape and condition, potentially great babyface gimmick with him being the army veteran, high intensity and work in every match (unlike Cena), and in my opinion definitely the #2 prospect for a future TNA Champion (along with Magnus, Bradley and maybe Kenny King).

    Since he dropped the security gimmick in early 2011, the only bad matches I've seen from him were against Garett Bischoff. Other than that, his matches go from OK to very good (including the tag work with JS).

    Plus, watching his 20 min match vs. Davey Richards on an NWA event in person (it was an awesome match btw), that also raised my opinion on Gunner.

    I'll be pissed if BI loses the match and don't see them on the PPV, but I'd be OK with that if they appear or interfere in Roode's match or Mafia's match(es). As long as there's Daniels & Kaz on BFG, I'll be satisfied, regardless of wrestling or not.

    And Park? They REALLY strechted this story out. I mean, it started 18 months ago for fucks sake, and we still "don't know" that Park is Abyss. It's such a slow burn, unbeliavable. TNA is toning down my interest on Park, so I'd be fine without seeing him on PPV.

    Either do something, or drop it.
  11. Hopefully BI wins. Just as long as it isn't Chavo and Hernandez.

  12. Tecnhincally they are in BFG, just the preshow before Kirk Angel gets his HoF deal.

    I'd rather see them not in BFG (especially Park, im so sick of that gimmick) instead of having a preshow with Chavo or any of the others wastes of time on the real BFG. I'm expecting 15-20 mins just for the X match and probably over 20 for Bully/AJ. I say put the tag titles on the line vs BI at the preshow, and get Storm off my TV ASAP. Have an EY/Park segment during the preshow also, and leave the main show for good matches and the near-to-an-hour of recaps. I doubt im wrong. We are going to see dixie/aj/hogan at least 5 times during the show, and the aces and 8s MEM shit will take up another half dozen recaps. Im betting the last 10 mins EASILY are AJ styles promo time, so there is a solid hour there.
  13. Will watch because that gauntlet match looks really amazing!
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  14. Chavo and Shawn better not win. :walter:
  15. If they win I can assure you they'll be feuding Gunner and Storm for the Tag Championship
  16. They basically already are (remember Gunner vs. Hernandez and the promo both teams had in ring), so I'm practically convinced Stereotypicos are winning.

    One thing that's going on in our advantage is that Storm & Gunner worked most house recently against BI, so there's a chance.
  17. Thought Storm and Gunner vs Stereotypicos was announced for Impact already?
  18. For upcoming IMPACT in Oklahoma?
  19. Would mark so much to see Bad Influence as Tag Team Champions... That'd be something outta nowhere.
  20. When those two assholes came out to interrupt Storm and Gunner, thought they made a title match in that segment. (Not that they can't take that back though. Doubt anybody remembers anything involving Chavo.)

    Hopefully BI gets the shot. Starting to warm up to Park again (although agree they really should pick a side but surely they don't know what they're doing with that), as you say any way you can get BI on the show is a good way to do it. I'd be happy with 10 minutes of them playing Scrabble live on PPV
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