News TNA Announces New 'Best Of Sting' DVD

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 24, 2015.

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  2. Good idea. They should totally try and advertise this whenever Sting is on WWE TV.
  3. They didn't make any money out of him WHILE they had him, why do they think they're gonna make any with him in WWE?
  4. Pretty much sums it up that all of the matches they've listed here is of him versus former WWE/WCW/ECW stars and none of TNA's own homegrown talent.
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  5. Smart decision to put it out when Sting is in front of 4 million people every Monday night now, with WM31 approaching.

    I'm really surprised Sting hasn't had a match with AJ Styles, Austin Aries or Samoa Joe worthy of putting into the DVD. I mean, he had a trainwreck with Magnus 'cuz he had the horribru booking apparently because he was concussed, and the EC3 feud which I don't think resulted in much of a great match. I mean, those are the only two matches in recent few years that were with guys made by TNA.

    Heck, Bully Ray vs Sting at Slammiversary 2013 was fantastic and IMO, could've been there. And I'm sure Bully counts as TNA made, because it was his main event singles run that was so good for the character Bully Ray, while Team 3D/Dudley Boyz were all made pre-TNA, I think.
  6. Well they do need money like any company. Isn't a bad strategy I guess, but it's just funny to see.
  7. Best of Sting? But TNA doesn't have access to WCW archives
  8. He's had good enough matches with them. But TNA thinks that people will actually buy it if they use WWE/WCW/ECW stars.

    Because TNA has little faith in their homegrown stars, but what else is new?
  9. When I think of the best of Sting in TNA, the first that comes to mind is "BFG 2009 vs AJ Styles". LOL

    What's on this list?

    "World Title Match: Sting vs Jeff Hardy"

    ........ :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: Tell me there's a different Sting vs Jeff Hardy match besides "that one"

    Fun Fact: Ric Flair's last match is listed Lockard
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  10. Fitting at least that Flair had his final match in two separate companies with Sting, given their history as natural rivals dating back to the 80's. If Sting had come to WWE ten years ago like I feel he should have, he would have been a more appropriate final opponent for Flair at WM24 than Michaels was, especially given that by then (2008) it would have been exactly twenty years since they squared off in the ring for the first time in '88.
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