News TNA Announces New Hall Of Fame Inductee

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  1. - TNA just issued the following:





    NASHVILLE, TN (Sept. 14, 2015) – For 27 years professional wrestling referee Earl Hebner has entered millions of living rooms across the globe every week, officiating the wildest and most memorable matches and main events of wrestling’s top promotions. On Saturday, Oct. 3, in front of family, friends and fans in his home state of Virginia, Hebner, the most famous professional referee in the world, will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

    “Earl Hebner is not only one of the most recognizable personalities in professional wrestling, his passion for the sport, in-ring management skills, and ability to entertain audiences has set the standard by which all professional wrestling referees are measured,” said TNA President Dixie Carter. “ It is an honor to have Earl as part of the TNA family and as the newest member of the illustrious TNA Hall of Fame.”

    Hebner’s TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place Saturday, Oct. 3 during The Road to Bound For Glory Tour live event in Salem, Va. Smashing Pumpkins front man and TNA Senior Producer, Billy Corgan, will induct Hebner, with TNA Ring Announcer and Hebner’s dear friend, Jeremy Borash, emceeing.

    On Sunday, Oct. 4, during TNA’s biggest night of the year, the Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View event, a special segment will be dedicated to Earl’s TNA Hall of Fame induction and will feature career highlights and portions of his induction ceremony from the previous night.

    Hebner will be the sixth inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, joining Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Devon and Jeff Jarrett. His TNA Hall of Fame induction marks the first time a referee of any major professional wrestling organization has become a member of the promotion’s Hall of Fame.

    “When I received the call from John Gaburick (TNA’s Executive Vice President of Television and Talent Relations) and he told me I am being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, I was stunned and my eyes welled up with tears,” said Hebner. “I’ve been working for 37 years for this incredible honor. It is rare for a referee in any sport to be recognized in this way, and I am proud TNA is recognizing me as the first referee to ever be inducted into a professional wrestling Hall of Fame.”

    Hebner fell in love with professional wrestling during his teenage years while working concessions at the Richmond, Va., fairgrounds, where local and regional promotions would run shows every Friday night. He first became involved in professional wrestling by volunteering on the ring crew. Hebner’s foray into refereeing came about by happenstance when a referee fell ill and Earl was asked to fill in on a moment’s notice. Hebner went on to referee for Jim Crockett Promotions, and in the late 80s he made his debut with World Wrestling Federation, when he replaced his twin brother, Dave, mid-match and influenced the outcome of a title bout. Hebner made his TNA debut in 2006 where he has served as Senior Official, managing TNA’s other referees, including son Brian.

    Event Information for Earl Hebner’s Hall of Fame Induction:

    TNA Wrestling presents The Road to Bound For Glory Tour
    Featuring the Stars and Knockouts of IMPACT WRESTLING
    Saturday, Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m.
    Salem, Va. – The Salem Civic Center
    Tickets start at $15 and are available at

  2. Lets review the TNA HOF.

    Sting - Four appearances in 2003 and then came back as a regular in 2005
    Kurt Angle - Joined in 2006
    Team 3D - Joined in 2005
    Jeff Jarrett - This one kinda makes sense I guess
    Earl Hebner - Joined in 2006

    Where the TNA Originals @ doe?
  3. Eh, I'd say it's not too big a deal since this TNA HOF just seems so... thrown together? Is that the word? Hence the sarcastic "woo"
    Certainly feels odd and lacks legitimacy, and this really isn't helping.
    Sadly it leaves a black mark on the legacy of the company as an easy thing to point to for their love the legends and thoughts that these dudes brought all the success to TNA, not the homegrown talent.
    Okay with all of these guys getting in - besides Hebner - but saying AJ Styles is the 7th most important person in TNA History? Fuck outta here.
  4. I guess the founder isn't a TNA Original?
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  6. Where are the people who actually built the company. Jeff Jarrett didn't do it alone.
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  8. They'll get them when the major names are inducted first.
  9. Meh.

    If you're going to induct a referee, Earl's a good one due to his fame (I mean, it is a Hall of FAME, right?) and the inherent controversy they expect it to create (I think they're missing the pitch there, but...).

    But, just for shits and giggles, let's take another look at the Hall of Fame:

    Kurt Angle - Has announced he won't sign when his contract ends in 2015, rumored that he will sign with WWE for a last run (I don't know that this is a real possibility, but it's fun to talk about)
    The Dudley Boyz - Returned to WWE in 2015
    Sting - Signed with WWE in 2014
    Jeff Jarrett - Formed a new wrestling promotion and is threatening to "take over" TNA

    So, Earl to make a WWE return in 2016? I'm betting it will be because Vince wants to re-create the Montreal Screwjob for the 4,798th time.

  10. Hahaha why does TNA even have a Hall Of Fame? What a joke.
  11. Okay... Hebner does deserve a HOF induction... But more of it in WWE! TNA just because you induct a very famous referee into your Hall doesn't make you better or over. You need the originals in the hall like Storm and Styles and Daniels.
  12. Next year's invasion angle: The Ref World Order
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  13. Which is sad and pathetic.
    Next year Hulk Hogan will probably go in.
  14. Another thing, Billy Corgan inducting him? I mean the Pumpkins are a radio fav to me but with all do respect it should be Earl's son Brian inducting him. Only appropriate?

    On the Jeff Jarret argument, he counts since he made the company but definitely should of not of been the 1st original inducted. Should of inducted AJ first in 2013 and not Sting, now it's all too late and AJ Wants nothing to do with TNA.
  15. AJ Styles? Why?

    James Storm was TNA exclusive since 2002. He competed on basically every major card in it's history. He debuted on it's first show, and stayed with them all the way up till now. He should've been the true inductee for being TNA's dark horse, a true masterpiece that guy.
  16. People can shit all over TNA for having a Hall of Fame, and even I think it's stupid, but hey, it's here and Earl's a fitting inclusion if they have to have a referee in.

    Oh and @CM Punk please tell me that is Alison Brie in your signature.
  17. Shark boy for next years hof!
  18. In full seriousness, this is the biggest problem I've had with TNA's Hall of Fame:

    If you're going to have a Hall of Fame, you should probably focus more on retired wrestlers than active ones.

    Sting: I know he's currently 56 and he's definitely on the downside of his career, so the gripe is alleviated a bit by his age, but he was still often treated as an active wrestler, competing for titles and taking part in active wrestling roles on a semi-regular basis
    Kurt Angle: Another "older guy" at a current 46, but still a guy that is mainly an active in-ring competitor (obviously, he's currently injured)
    The Dudley Boyz/Team 3D: Bully Ray/Bubba Ray had just had a decent title reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion and D-Von/Devon had appeared most recently in TNA as TNA Television Champion; they're still active wrestlers and, despite their high level of achievement throughout the professional wrestling world, don't seem really close to wanting to step out of the ring on a permanent basis (I mean, hell, they apparently are doing regular house shows in WWE right now, rather than just appearing on TV and PPV as guys with their histories could probably have demanded and gotten)
    Jeff Jarrett: Probably the closest thing to a retired wrestler they were going to be able to get; he's still active, but not on so regular a basis...based on my personal criteria, he's probably the only one of the wrestlers on the list I would have picked
    Earl Hebner: Like I said above, he's a good pick. He's known and he's basically out of active participation.

    TNA's Hall of Fame problem is that much of their promotion's history has involved guys who made their names elsewhere (Hogan, Flair, Nash, Foley) and have been locked-in to WWE on "Legends" contracts and put into WWE's Hall of Fame, which probably prevents them from working with TNA (or other promotions) without WWE's permission. This leaves us saying guys like AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, etc., should be in their Hall of Fame even though we're talking about guys who are in their 30's and in the primes of their active in-ring careers. Now, if they'd built some good storylines that paid off with fans and kept their home-grown talent happy (instead of throwing money at every guy WWE cuts, reality television stars, and MMA guys who might go into pro wrestling whne they're done with their active MMA careers), then it would have been possible to hold off a few more years and put AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, James Storm, Bobby Roode, etc., who made a big chunk of their names in TNA (I know, most of those guys had tremendous indy careers prior to TNA, but...Prince Devitt, KENTA, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Kevin Steen, El Generico.....I'm just sayin') into their Hall of Fame when they were getting ready to retire.

    But, at least if they can stay open for a few more years, they should be able to induct Jeff Hardy at some point.

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