Evolve TNA appearances do not affect DGUSA bookings

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by GrammarNazi82, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Thought that was good to acknowledge and pretty cool. Loved seeing them on Destination X last night, but am also glad it won't hinder their DGUSA / EVOLVE bookings. And yeah, I kept wanting to call Rubix "Jigsaw" throughout his match last night.
  2. I have a feeling Jigsaw won't be full time in TNA as long as he is in Quackenbush's pocket. Since Quack is very selective with were his guys can work full time.
  3. True enough. I wouldn't mind seeing him in TNA at all, but at the same time as long as he's got work I'm happy for the guy. I don't suppose there has been any talk of him parting ways with Quackenbush in the foreseeable future has there?

    Although come to think of it -- not to knock TNA -- but with them cutting talent lately people like Jigsaw and Baretta might prefer not being signed on with them right now.
  4. I don't think Jig will ever leave Quack. Quack made Jigsaw (trained him and all) and they have this insanely deep and planned story going with Chikara which included killing off the company and setting up new companies throughout the North East. He'll be locked up with work for a while.

    And yeah, considering how TNA is right now with talent I guess -keyword guess- that they are more comfortable working for them on a pay per appearance basis instead of sitting on a contract, not getting used and risk getting late pay. Plus Trent does Japan now, he'll be fine financially.
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  5. Ahhh, I gotcha. I didn't realize they went that far back. Makes sense then. I'm all for good talent having solid, steady work going no matter which promotion it's under, so I am glad they're both doing well. I agree, right now doing a per appearance deal seems best. It frees them up to keep doing their main work while getting a little extra money on the side and helping get their names out there more.
  6. Yeah, especially in the X-division which seems to be the part of the TNA roster that changes in talent the most per appearance seems like the best deal.
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  7. If anything this just gives them more appearances for a weak/mediocre build. Sanjay is doing that RoH tourney, right? Baretta is doing this....Shadoxicity you want to bet on tna this week? I've got manik winning the x division title.

  8. Only if you let me have Manik.
  9. i called him first. Let's do it for IWT theme for 10 days (and must have one match minimum)

    I like this one better.
  10. The rumer online is that TNA was very satisfied with their performances and is looking to sign both Jigsaw and Trent to a contract in a future.

    The other indy names TNA is possibly looking to sign are Homicide (with Eric Bischoff being #1 pulling for him), Rashad Cameron as a pack with Tony Nese, then The American Wolves, Shane Hollister and even Lince Dorado.
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