(TNA) Aries Vs. (WWE) Punk

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    Who would win in the match and why?
    Just list both Pros and Cons of both wrestlers.

  2. Aries all the way.
  3. Aries is a much better in ring performer.
  4. Hannah: Aries.

    Anthony: Punk.

    Hannah: That's because you just watch WWE. You don't know the awesomeness of TNA.

    Anthony: What's TNA?

    Hannah: I see you're a WWE mark now.

    Anthony: And a "mark" is...?

    Hannah: Learn it yourself, old loser.
  5. Non-biased answer is Aries. Biased answer would also be Aries.
  6. Not sure on the point of the thread. Who would win? Whoever gets written to. Who's better in the ring? Aries. Who's better on the mic? Punk. Best all rounder? IMO Punk because of that.

    Aries wipes the floor with Punk in the ring though.
  7. Aries has a better look, performs better and speaks better.
  8. We're talking a fistfight to the death bruh
  9. Oh a real fight? Then how are we supposed to know. I know Punk legitimately trains Maui Tai or whatever (can't spell it and cba to Google), but I don't know about Aries. Aries is small but he's pretty built.
  10. I'd book them in a Razorblade Iron Cage Tangled Web Deathmatch. Aries wins via Brainbuster onto a glass pan.
  11. Training Muay Thai doesn't mean shit because he has no accomplishments or rank in it. I would put money on Aries fucking him up just because I picture Punk being a little bitch.
  12. Punk is supposed to have a belt in Jui-Jitsu but I don't know what grade. But I want to point to what Dolph's said as well. Training something is different from performing it in a fight
  13. Yea, a white belt. Pretty sure they give those out on the 2nd day of class.
  14. Meh there is no point even debating that as it's all subjective.

    Why do people use the locker room for these threads too?
  15. You could say that about 99% of the debates on this forum lmao

    Also, where would you suggest it be? I think the LR is a fine place for this thread. 'Other wrestling' might fit, but you can't really put it in WWE or TNA since it's 50/50 on each
  16. WWE Vs TNA.

    If it's in TNA Section WWE Marks yell at me.
    If it's in WWE Section TNA Marks yell at me.
  17. :hmm: If only there was a section for "other wrestling discussion" or something along those lines.

    Oh, and, to the OP, I don't know who would win the match (I'm thinking a pro wrestling match, so, whoever's booked to win), but I would pay real money to get to watch it and bet on a double pin draw.

  18. "This section is for discussion on other wrestling companies such as Ring of Honor, NJPW, and more"

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