TNA beat WWE to the interactive punch.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

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  2. Could be a decent way to debut a guy.

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  3. Pope please. He should be defending the belt every week, not Devon
  4. I like this a lot better than WWE's idea, but they tried this before with the ranking system and it failed miserably due to something ridiculous.

    Hopefully they've realized that when you do this, you have to honor it. TNA's been a lot smarter of a company since Pritchard took over so lets hope it works. Pretty sure the IWC will take over (as they did last time) and give Pope the title shot.
  5. Pope or Doug Williams, if possible.
  6. Desmond Wolfe will win, obviously. Or Kizarny.
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  7. Desmond Wolfe will win by over 50% and they still won't pick him lmfao... I remember when that happened.

    Also, Jeff Hardy should have the TV title. He could hold it for a while, making good defenses with semi-decent to good matches all the time. He is very over, and could help the title. + he would be on TV every single week along with PPVs.
  8. WTF? Does TNA beat WWE to the interactive punch? THIS HAD NOTHING TO WITH WWE!
  9. WWE is going to start doing interactive parts of the show on July 23rd when the 3 hour format takes over.
  10. what do mean by interactive?
  11. They are going to ask the fans in polls and twitter what they want to see on the show that night, and then they will set the matches up accordingly.
  12. Lawls, this is presented like it's WWE who invented the fan polls and interaction. :haha:

    TNA's been worshiping twitter and stuff like that like crazy as of this past 5-6 months.
  13. Re: RE: TNA beat WWE to the interactive punch.

    Of course they did Vince created the modern world obviously. Learn to WWE dick suck.

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  14. He even invented gifs. :nod:
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  15. Did he also invent hair? :dawg:
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