TNA Bound For Glory 2013 - October 20th - Live PPV Discussion

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    OCTOBER 20th, 2013
    LIVE on PPV, 8pm/7c
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles (BFG Series winner) vs. Bully Ray (c)​
    THE FUTURE vs. THE ICON: Magnus vs. Sting
    TNA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: James Storm & Gunner (c) vs. Gauntlet Winners​
    TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP: ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher​

  2. Im a sceptical about Styles Vs Ray and whether it will be good or not, Hopefully it will be. Praying to god we dont have to watch MexiShits Vs Gunner The Shit Head and James Storm, Hurry up and split Storm, He is the only decent wrestler in those 2 teams.
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  4. You attending?:boss:
  5. Already bought the tickets! :yes:
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  6. For weeks already :hmm:
  7. Lucky man, I was going to go to the Glasgow TV Tapings but the tickets I was gonna buy are Sold Out and the only ones left were ringside and money is tight.
  8. Shame, TNA UK shows are really awesome and extra energetic and loud. Real shame.
  9. I know, Fuck being broke.
  10. Gonna fucking watch Styles vs Ray at least 1k times!
  11. AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray - Last Man Standing match from Slammiversary IX

    Match of the year candidate for 2011 for many people, myself included.
  12. AJ and Bully is going to be fantastic. Sure it's going to be a MOTYC, how often can you say a Bully Ray match is bad?
    Sadly it may be a case of the story taking away from the match... but if they do the typical Aces bullcrap and AJ wins despite it, that may actually be better.
    But the rest of this card... I honestly have no clue what they're doing. Gonna do some brainstorming here.

    Show Spoiler
    For the X-Division Title, if they can build up Manik enough to get some interest (not hard), would be great to see him put the title on the line against the guy who tried to screw him out of it. Manik vs Austin Aries sounds great.

    Can't do Mafia vs Aces since Wes and Garett shouldn't be on BFG, so that leaves the Main Event Mafia with only EGO to feud with. Sounds good to me! So they could do it 3 on 3, but it would be better to separate Magnus and Daniels. Magnus' time is now, baby.

    Speaking of tag teams, Not Chavo and Hernandez need opponents. They'll beat Mexican America 2.0 on TV, so there's only one good option. Storm and Gunner vs Eric Young and Joseph Park. Do it, TNA. Do it.

    With the current Knockouts' roster there isn't a single Bound for Glory worthy match to put on the card. So since I can't fantasy book them signing Ivelisse or Female Rain, the only cool thing to do is a mixed-tag. If they can fix Chris Sabin within the span of 5 weeks and let him actually want revenge on the Aces instead of being a dumbshit, then you can do Knux and Tessmacher vs Sabin and Velvet. Doesn't look good but still > any other KO's matchup

    So that's just 5-6 matches so far, almost all tags. Gotta go look for more possibilities, especially some singles matches.
    Kenny King vs anyone.
  13. That's the thing with TNA since they cut their PPVs. It kinda feels like there's a lot of progression in stories between PPVs, but that only results in like one or two big matches for the PPV, the rest seems to be done on the last few weeks leading to the PPV (they still have around a month for this one so I won't jump the gun and say it's going to be like this here but it kinda feels like it).
  14. Give me Aries vs Roode or fuck this card.
  15. They need to make some stipulation for the main event.

    Storm/Gunner vs. Chavo/Hernandez (IMO) is a lock for BFG.
    Manik will for sure have opponent, maybe even two, I know from spoilers.
    Knockouts Title match will be really hardest match to book. So thin roster.

    The rest?

    MEM vs EGO
    EY and Park will have a match, maybe vs. Bromance

    There's Bradley, King, Spud, Terry, Shaw - all without storylines atm.

    We shall see.
  16. I'd like to see good build for the rest of the matches, because Styles vs Bully will sell just fine and we'll be seeing so much MEM vs A&8s crap.

    Here's my card: I've added a few wrestlers that aren't in TNA because I think TNA could do with a bigger/stronger roster.

    1) AJ Styles vs Bully Ray (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship - AJ wins
    2) Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, Joe) vs E.G.O (Roode, Kazarian, Daniels) - E.G.O wins. Knux, Bischoff and Brisco try to interfere, but Angle returns alongside Rampage to stop them.
    3) Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley to decide #1 contender to the WHC after BFG - Aries wins, beating a returning Shelley
    4) Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz vs Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky - Tessmacher and Ortiz win
    5) Manik (c) vs Kenny King vs Sonjay Dutt for the X-Division Championship - Manik wins
    6) Storm and Gunner (c) vs Eric Young and Joseph Park vs The Young Bucks for the Tag Team Championship - The Young Bucks return and win
  17. After this past edition of Impact, I finalized my final BFG prediction card.

    Of course, Bully is taking on AJ for the World Title.

    World Tag Team Titles: Storm & Gunner vs. Chavo & Hernandez
    X Division Title: TJ Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy (or simply Sabin vs. Hardy)
    Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Lei d'Tappa
    Mafia members collide: Sting vs. Magnus
    Tag Team grudge match: Bad Influence vs. Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle
    Grudge match with some stipulation: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

    Add some filler that'll probably be EY & Joseph Park vs. Bromans, or even possibly EY vs. Park if Park loses his mind before BFG.
  18. I was planning on going but I'm really not interested in TNA atm :okay:

    MIGHT go anyway though... dat Aries :aries:
  19. Do it! Get high and streak across the ring!
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