TNA: Brian Kendrick Done ?

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  1. Former X Division Champion, Brian Kendrick has been removed from the roster page on No word yet on his status with the company but usually activity on the roster page indicates a wrestler's status with the company.

    He was Godawful with his last gimmick. Shame for that (he choosed it himself though), as he's a very good wrestler, not vanilla midget.
  2. It's a shame if he is gone, I liked him for some reason.
  3. I was also a fan of Kendrick, not sure why though.
  4. He was a somewhat charismatic and was good just doing his thing, but then he crossed the line when he won the X Title. Everything since Dest. X was not good for him. He went from being passable to a horrid character.
  5. He fired himself with that stupid gimmick, it's impossible to like that crap of character.
  6. You liked the guy chewing the hippie lettuce?
    You missed the guy that preferred 'grass' over.. i dunno... shoes
    This is awesome. The two losers from the state of Washington turning the world on its ear... one rocks a massive man beard and the other hates 'kicks'

    Move over Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain and "Hole'... the Grunge died... make room for the dingy era
  7. He was entertaining in ring from my perspective, sure his gimmick was too far out there but sometimes wrestling needs a bit of strangeness injecting into it, otherwise it becomes too generic. It's a similar thing with Brodus Clay I can just sit back and enjoy it as a bit of fun rather then over analysing it like I do with some guys.
  8. It's official, PWInsider and some ther sites are reporting that Kendrick is indeed done with TNA. Contract expired....Fuck it. :sad:
  9. Where next then? :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Wouldn't mind him working some PWG dates, didn't Paul London show up at a few of their shows a few months ago? Those two could team back up.
  11. Lord knows in what kind of condition London is. I haven't seen him in light years. I'd like to see them tag on indy scene more, though. TThey'd be great addition to PWG's great tag roster. Hell, maybe even Spanky is considered for ROH return. I'd mark for that name again, lawls.
  12. I must admit those two vs The Young bucks would be an amazing fast paced match providing Kendrick got a bit more of his high flying style back. He seemed pretty grounded in TNA. As for London the last I heard he was working in LLUSA. I would mark for Spanky again also :lol:
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  13. Imagine in PWG: those two numbskulls ([​IMG]) against Steen & Super Dragon. Slugfest on those demboys! (no pun intended)!
  14. London & Kendrick were awesome!
  15. Just saw, Kendrick is already taking indy dates and is booked for some Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE) show. I for one second though they were talking about WWE, lol. Another coincidence? Don't think so...
  16. Brian Kendrick Shoots on TNA Departure

    Former TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez has posted a new video blog of her encounter with Brian Kendrick, who shoots on his departure from TNA under the guise of his usual wrestling promo. Check it out below:

  17. Can someone tell me what it says? Netbook is on its period.
  18. :austin: Sure breh, why not?

    He talked only for 2 mins, and he practically burried Garett by saying 'I don' have a father running things', and said nonsense (in character i think) that he has better training system then the guys like HBK and others. He even said Bobbie E, dunno why. Typical post-TNA shoot, but it's funny nontheless. He also said that he's disgusted in stomach. :lebron:
  19. Take it for what it's worth, but is reporting that WWE is trying to pick up Kendrick for the WWE network show "Cruiserweights". :facepalm:
  20. I am indeed taking it for what it's worth:

    Wrestlezone >>

    Those fags (IIRC) first reported that some 90s guy was dead recently. The day later he's alive. :facepalm:

    If true though, good for him.
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