TNA British Boot Camp - Coming This December

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Sep 2, 2012.

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    It was announced during the recent TNA UK Fan Party in London that starting this December, Challenge TV will be airing a new series called TNA British Boot Camp. The program will feature four British wrestlers competing to earn an IMPACT Wrestling contract. The participants include Marty Scurll, Rockstar Spud and the Blossom Twins.

  2. Are the twins competing as a team or as singles competitors?
  3. Brits, we're taking over the world!
  4. Tag I guess.
  5. Anyone seen or heard of them in action?
  6. Didn't see, but been hearing some good stuff about all four contestants tbh.
  7. How would that work? Two singles competitors and one tag team competing for a contract.

    The team would have to be judged on both a personal and group effort, if one is having a bad day that would bring the team down. Seems like a odd choice.
  8. I suppose that's good news then. Will be looking forward to watching it.
  9. Like I said, I ain't quite sure, just what I was thinking.

    Good point though.
  10. At 5ft6inches, and 115 lbs, welcome your future jobber, the great horrible Crayo!. Would tag but, no reason to bother.
  11. TNA presents "British Boot Camp"


  12. TNA presents "British Boot Camp"

    I look forward to watching this.
  13. TNA presents "British Boot Camp"

    This was reported by Kayfab one-two weeks ago.
  14. TNA presents "British Boot Camp"

    Really? Damn. I thought I was hot on the money lol. I re-posted this 3 minutes after I seen Dixie Carter post it.
  15. TNA presents "British Boot Camp"

    What you posted was the official press release from TNA. It has been well known for weeks though. British media leaked it since Magnus is involved
  16. TNA presents "British Boot Camp"

    Oh I see. Well that sucks. Sucks even more I'm from US, so I won't be able to watch it either :((
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