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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Tonight at 10pm via UK time on Challenge TV:



  2. Pretty excited for this tbh.
  3. It's wild on twitter about this. #1 trend worldwide ATM-
  4. I'll have to watch the taping cause I can't find a stream.
  5. Got it locked in the background
  6. Why does the UK get so many exclusive TNA shows? Don't they have Xplosion too? Is it because they get better ratings than murrika or something?
  7. They get better ratings, but not sure if that's the exact reason.
  8. Better ratings, better crowd, plus TNA is VERY popular in the UK and makes tons of money in their market. Lucky SOBs, they have PPVs for free, Xplosion, IMPACTs on Sundays, and now the British Boot Camp.:obama:

    Anyhow, here are the British Boot Camp episodes from last night, and it gets very positive, rave reviews:

    Rockstar Spud is one big piece of shit.:woo1:
  9. It was freaking hilarious.

    Wanted to punch Rockstar Spud in the face after 10 mins. Such a jackass.

    Good show though entertaining.
  10. Ep. 3 is up:

    Credit for the episode goes to TNAsylum uploader JSO.:obama:
  11. They sleep in the same bed (see ep. 1)! :fap:
  12. If I can find it online, I will. :fap:
  13. Dude, it's like 5 or 6 posts above yours.:cornette:

  14. Ah, cool. I thought it was just clips. Going to watch now :Obama:
    Thanks, brother :hogan:
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  15. Ep 4 feat. the Cowboy James Storm:

  16. Finale is this Tuesday on Challenge and it features Blossom Twins in a match vs. two Impact knockout, and Party Marty vs. Rockstar Spud.

    Here's your announce team for it:

  17. Wasn't it a six episode series? How can episode five be the finale or have I missed something?
  18. No idea, just read this on Obviously's twitter machine. Probably 1/2 of the finale.
  19. The third episode of TNA's UK reality show British Boot Camp had 162,000 viewers up from the previous week's 113,000 viewers. British Boot Camp finished the week in 2nd place on Challenge Tv.

    Good numbers!
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