News TNA Champion AJ Styles To Defend the Title in Mexico This Sunday Night

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    - AAA has announced that AJ Styles will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at this Sunday's TV tapings in Tonala, Mexico. AAA executive Dorian Roldan noted that he received an email from Styles asking to defend his title, and the two parties agreed. Styles' opponent is expected to be announced later today. More to come...
  2. Should ask my family in Mexico to take me to it. Would jump in the ring and say, "Hey AJ remember me!! I say you win that championship :yay: "
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    Probably storyline...


    They'll then show a tape or images from the show and AJ will resign a contract. Actually AAA's site mention Dixie Carter.

    I would translate this, but I don't really want to..

    EDIT: Will translate it. A fast translation, I can't assure you it's HQ.

    Translation: TNA's World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, has threatened TNA's President, Dixie Carter, to participate on events outside the company, and not only that but carrying the title with him, something unprecedented in the company. And to prove he isn't joking, he has picked Mexico and AAA, a company where he has wrestled before, as the first place to defend his title.

  4. No shit it's a storyline lol
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  5. Did they announce his opponent yet? Don't watch AAA at all, although I've seen a few matches.
  6. My first sentence. "PROBABLY A STORYLINE"

    Anyways, I'm translating the report on AAA's site.
  7. AJ Styles has been removed from the TNA roster page, which personally is a scary shit even though it's fake lol.


    They'll announce the opponent sometime today.
  8. I should start watching AAA :hmm:
  9. Oh shit, they took Vacant from WWE and shot him straight to the main event! DAMN IT TNA :angry:
  10. Meh, 4/10. AJ will come back claiming he's the champion and he can defend it anywhere he wants to.
  11. Can see something like Punk vs Cena at Summerslam. Punk leaves with the title and returns when a new champion is crowned
  12. Robbie E looking like a boss = 10/10
  13. Here's the report from the page o3o thank you Google translate
  14. You're from Spain? OK amigo!
  15. Not from Spain, but know Spanish... Knowledge won't kill ya, bro.
  16. AJ Will return and challenge Vacant in the Main Event of what Ever event is on that month....
    Styles will most likely face the Main Champion of AAA.
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  17. TNA will probably do it right and have Styles return between Genesis and Slammivesary.
  18. Jesse fucking up the pic = 5/10
  19. Or they may want him to return at LockDown... Genesis or Slammiversary would be the best PPVs for him to return though
  20. That's why I said between Genesis and Slammiversary.
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