TNA Conference Call with AJ Styles

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  1. - AJ was asked about his first match with Christopher Daniels at an NWA anniversary show where he first met and wrestled Daniels. He said since then they have been best of friends and bitter enemies.

    - AJ said it is difficult to continue to raise the bar in matches with Daniels, especially after their last man standing match, but they were going to work hard and try to raise the bar yet again.

    - AJ tapped danced around a question about not getting a title shot until Bound for Glory. He said he was hopeful that there would be a way to get a title shot before then because there was no guarantee he would even win the BFG Series. It came across as him trying to answer the question without showing too much of what is planned for next.

    - AJ was asked about being the "guy" in TNA and if that caused any extra pressure on him, but he claimed he wasn't that guy in his mind. He said some people might consider him that way, but that never entered his mind because he's been at the top and the bottom of the totem pole over the years.

    - AJ said he has wondered about the "last time" situation of his match with Daniels. He said perhaps it's the last time they ever challenge each other directly, but he wonders what happens if they meet in the BFG Series or some other necessary match down the road.

    - AJ put over the last man standing match as the best moment in his rivalry with Daniels.

    - AJ said he doesn't have a lot of information on his forthcoming autobiography as it is still in the works, but it will be a combination of his faith and wrestling stories.

    - AJ said working as a heel while being honest to his faith all depends on what they have him do. He said when he was with Ric Flair, it was difficult to be Ric Flair without actually being Ric Flair, but when he was teaming with Christian as a heel, it was easier because he was a goofy heel.

    - AJ said he likes the idea of reducing PPVs and if it was up to him, he would reduce it to four and make those huge deals, but it wasn't up to him. He said he does hope TNA doesn't forget about Slammiversary as he thinks that is a major PPV for them.

    - AJ talked about WWE copying some of the things they have done and he isn't upset about it as he sees it as a compliment.

    - The call ended after roughly 25 minutes due to technical difficulties.

    Credit to Pro Wrestling Dot Net
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