TNA considering taking Impact off the road

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. Only a matter of time, really.
  2. Jason Powell of is the one reporting this, so it's probably true. The speculated date is early 2014.

    Sad, but hopefully they go in Vegas if this indeed happens.

    Of course, holding PPVs in other cities is a MUST.
  3. Go to Las Vegas for I can get to Impact Wrestling easier :yay:
  4. This is the list of TNA TV locations for next three months:

    9/26 - Little Rock, AR
    10/10 - Tulsa, OK
    10/24 - Salt Lake City, UT
    11/7 - Cincinatti, OH
    11/21 - Baltimore, MD
    12/5 - not yet announced
    12/19 - not yet announced
    12/27 - Philadelphia, PA
  5. It is still sad though, but I think TNA does need to regroup, refinance, and do many things. Going on the road complicates a lot of stuff, staying on one location again isn't such a bad idea, especially with the cities in choice. While it is sad to see a set back in their plans, I'd rather them regroup than cripple.
  6. I'd go New York if I was looking for a permanent home. Orlando is a bit of a no go since WWE runs that joint now. And Vegas is risky. Vegas is a tourist town, and you cannot rely solely on tourist money in wrestling. Boxing? sure. Vegas acts? sure. Casinos? You bet. Strip clubs? Hell yeah. A wrestling company? I don't think so. They are in need of solid and consistent crowds, and tourists are no guarantee for that sadly.

    Vegas is great for championship boxing matches. But who is going to be around on Thursdays when TNA rolls in? Most attempts at starting a big promotion in Vegas (GLOW) have failed. East coast is a safer bet due to wrestling in general being bigger and most of the talent living on the east coast also makes shipping them in much cheaper and easier.
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  7. One suggestion I like the people on the boards are saying is TNA should find a permanent home somewhere, get a monthly lease and tape two Impacts a month there. The other two Impacts they tape somewhere else, like now.

    That'd cut their current costs arould half.

    Plus, if they fire Hogan and Bischoff, that's even more than 1/2 costs being cut.

    There's more suggestion out there that I'd consider and the others are proposing, but I like this one for now.
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  8. Losing the salaries of Sting, Hogan, and Angle will go a long way towards helping out TNA.

    They need to be on the road to build the fan base. I mean, how long can they "live" off a local only crowd?
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  9. That sounds like a great idea, if that's enough savings to restock the roster. Ratings-wise this hasn't been a good enough boost to be worth the money.

    Do you know why this has been such a financial mess? Were they just not prepared?
  10. I think unprepared is the right word.

    What I did is I took each and every single attendance number from Observer (minus couple of those were he blatantly lied, so I added an actual attendance number) all the way from Lockdown to this last Impact, No Surrender, and did some steiner-math. The average attendance number came out to be a 3488.

    That's usually a solid, decent number, but only one TV tapings cost 500k-700k. That's HUGE.

    Simple economics say that number, no matter how solid it seemed to us, is simply not enough to cover all the "bases".

    Of course, there's other problems (like taping 6 ONO PPVs in 3 days, now that's a bad financial projection), but I'd say the live gate is the most important for them to be happy with #s, the attendance has to be 5000 (4500) min. on every taping.

    And yeah, FIRE HOGAN.
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  11. hope they go to NY or Philly to do their tapings instead of Orlando
  12. Dont bother taking the tapings off the road just close down TNA its a dead company
  13. Leave this section and never come back.
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  14. The only thing that's dead is Brock Lesnar's UFC career because he's a godawful fighter.

  15. [​IMG]
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  17. Don't you hate TNA too? Lmao.
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  18. No lol, I just rated No Surrender 9.5/10 I believe

  19. I just recall you saying something like TNA doesn't deserve to even be aired on Skype a while back haha,it's whatever though.
  20. Oh god I remember that, That was April when I was such a TNA Hater then I started watching when the BFG Series and my opinion took a 180.
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