GFW TNA debuts new championship.

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  1. Looks like an NXT belt.
  2. what way is this necessary? They really haven't had the best success in secondary championships... as I really don't consider the X Division a secondary championship. But the Legends/Global/TV title should have been indication enough to quit doing this.
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  3. TNA...just stick with a freaking belt!

    The Legends Championsip was good....then it was changed and it slowly went to hell.
  4. So, are they gonna put this championship on Lashley, too?
  5. They're probably so desperate to try something new that they'll put it on you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  6. Yes, because they know I'm a big draw. :hhh2:
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  7. At least it is something different. I'll wait to form an opinion until I see some matches in action.
  8. Getting rid of the stigma of a failed Secondary championship, is what's necessary to make their secondary championship mean something. The other title has had so many gimmick changes, division changes and has been treated like utter dirt (which is quite sad since the design is gorgeous). This title, can hopefully, mean something and prove to be a formidable stepping stone for rising stars.
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  9. This one will be contested under MMA inspired rules.

    All in on TNA morphin into the IGF
  10. This sounds like a really awful attempt at trying to bring in MMA fans which just wont happen, it wouldn't even work with WWE let alone TNA.

    On another note, how is anyone supposed to take this title seriously? Its gotten so many rules and names and champions that its meaningless now.
  11. Did you even read the OP, or any of the posts in this thread?

    This is not in the lineage of the KOTM title. The rules are very simple. 3 rounds, with judges determining the winner if the match ends in a draw.
  12. None of the posts in this thread say the rules or anything that blatantly says that it wont be carrying on the lineage of the KOTM, actually its the opposite.
  13. Not sure why anyone would think a title with a different design, name and gimmick would carry on the King of the Mountain title's lineage.

    I think this is more of a way to cash-in on the "strong style" boom in the US. With promotions like NJPW with their NEVER Openweight title and Progress with their Heavyweight title, and so on.
  14. That has very little to do with my point. TNA has shown over and over that they don't know how to successfully promote a secondary title. This was true of the Legends title and of the KOTM title as well.

    If they're able to do it right this time, fine, good for them. But my point in my previous post was simply that they haven't been able to do a secondary title right before so personally I don't have any faith that they're going to do it right this time.
  15. Or the TNA Brawl For All...
  16. I still don't understand why this type of match is even happening like this is a fixed sport, in MMA it goes to judges if no one taps or gets knocked out so whats the goal in this match? If you do flashy moves wouldn't that get more points? Wouldn't that make clear bias in judges (kayfabe) over bigger guys? This whole thing is silly.
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  17. It's yet another TNA failure waiting to happen. WWE couldn't get real fighting to go over with Brawl For All, how is TNA going to do it with fake real fighting?
  18. I mean, I don't want to be like lolTNA but this has got to be the ultimate lolTNA. Its getting into WCW territory of dumb, I doubt these rules will last 6 months tbh.

    So I'm a bit behind but let me get a few things straight on TNA before I can give an actual opinion on the state of the promotion, so they got dropped from Spike and then picked up by Destination America and then dropped again but now they are on Pop?
    Bobby Lashley is holding all their singles titles? They're website is still god awful and their roster page hasn't been updated in years. Their biggest feud is Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in a so awful its funny bit, EC3 is still a thing, Mike Bennett is one of their "stars" and they are now working out of a warehouse, is all of this correct/
  19. Agree with the level of dumb... it is very WCW.

    The TV changes are correct. Lashley is only holding the world title from the looks of it. I remember the warehouse thing too. The rest I have no idea.

    TNA became beyond repair for me a couple years ago. After their blatant disrespect for Jeff Jarrett, their using Dixie as an awful on screen authority figure, that stupid drug addict storyline, pushing EC III as an undefeated champion... among like another 3000 stupid storylines... they went from being my favorite wrestling company to the ONLY promotion in the history of wrestling that I can't bring myself to watch at all.

    This just seems like another asinine idea that will further their descent into the inevitable.
  20. Its really a huge shame, they seemed to be on a really good track in late 2013/Early 2014 both in the quality of their shows and business wise. They did a couple of tapings in Glasgow that sold really well, Magnus won the world title and it was good they were finally putting the focus back on young talent, they had AJ leave with the belt and defend it outside the promotion when he "left". They had a deal with Wrestle-1 and they had Senada win their X Division title. They had a solid roster of guys like Styles, Magnus, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries etc. But from there it went downhill, they did a stupid AJ/Magnus match with something like 6 guys interfering and it was just dumb and it did not help Magnus at all, he already cheated to win the belt just let him get one clean win to solidify his reign. Then the roster dropped like flies etc etc. Its a shame but they dug themselves a hole.
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