GFW TNA described as "The Nickelback of wrestling"

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  1. Yesterday in an interview with EY, they talked about how TNA compared to Nickelback, and since the rock music business is my personality, this obviously caught my eye.

    Is it true? Well in many ways yes, TNA is company that acts like they are amazing and are the shit when they just put on average or poor product that they make sound like it's popular or main stream. That's why the band Nickelback is hated, they act like they are the best when really they are just like any other usual Alternative Metal/Post-Grunge band.

    You guys think TNA is like Nickelback in many ways?
  2. They're lucky to be Spinal Tap at times
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  3. No, WWE actually acknowledges Nickleback.
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  4. Nickelback is post-grunge/alt. metal? lmao
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  5. Well that's what they say they are and that's what they sound like, but recently they've included pop dance and edm stuff now. Doesn't mean they are an influential alt metal band
  6. I never understand how people say TNA puts on a bad product. I've seen a few recent shows, and the entirety of last year was just perfect. Some of the best wrestling I've ever seen on free tv. Business wise TNA is a joke. However, product wise, it's doing really well.

    I'm sure @GrammarNazi82 can vouch for that.
  7. I don't know about the product, since I haven't watched it in a year or two. Business wise, they're like The Beatles with their business skills it seems at times.
  8. Nickelback sucks, TNA sucks. Close enough.

    Also the word "metal" should never be used to describe Nickelback's music.
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  9. But Nickelback's had a few good songs, though...
  10. I think that is a fair assessment, both should be avoided like the plague.
  11. TNA had Daniels vs Joe vs AJ, and Joe vs Angle. So I guess that counts as their few good songs.
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    I'm seriously loving making memes
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