TNA Destination X- July 18th, 2013 - Live Discussion

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    - Thursday July 18th, 2013 at 9 P.M Eastern time, 8 P.M Central​
    - Louisville, Kentucky​
    What to Expect​
    -During the end of Impact Thursday we saw such moments that could change the face of TNA and it's future.First came when Rampage was the new member of MEM, to help lead the charge against Aces and Eights, you know Angle brought him in, will it work out, or will Angle and Rampage fuck this stable up, similar to how Angle and Sting did last time around?​
    -The second moment we saw was formerly X-Division Champion giving away his title, for a chance to face the World Champion Bully Ray, at TNA's first ever televised on live TV and not on PPV, Destination X.Will this decision be his downfall, or his greatest moment of his career, if he wins the World Title? Also with the title vacated, how will Hulk Hogan crown a new Champion to have a new X-Division Champion, will we found out this week? Also with Bully Ray's title on the line, will he be focused enough to retain his title, considering he's still sick in the head after hearing Brooke Hogan recently being married?​
    -Former enemies, turned partners will go against each other in a Destination X rematch, as Austin Aries will take on Bobby Roode! With points on the line in the BFGS on the line, who's willing to take that extra step win this match?​
    -Well it seems from looking at, their will be qualifying matches to decide who will be X-Division Champion, past and present..who will show in their faces on Impact this week?​
    -Last week Impact was stolen by two Knockouts in Gail Kim and Tayrn Terrell, Gail Kim was the victor but I think Tayrn's stock in the Knockouts Division rose, as the Division itself went to new heights.Now with the win Gail gets to face the current Knockouts Champion, Mickie James will either of these ladies confront each other this week, or will Tayrn try to stick her nose in this discussion to get herself a title shot as well?​
    Well I might be moving today, and I wanted to get this outta the way, I'm not sure if I'll be able to see MITB, with the Cable company being busy all the time, so this might my last LD made for a week or so, but I'm sure I'll be back.This week's Impact has me with high hopes, hopefully they don't fuck it up?​

  2. What the fuck even is this PPV? World title match aside there has been zero build. Why have Gail/Taryn on an Impact rather than the PPV? Or make Mickie/Kim a ladder match rather than Gail/Taryn?

    Was there anything else even announced on Impact? What a dreadful job they've done with this.
  3. what? MEM vs aces and 8s has a build, Sabin turned in his belt for his match, thus setting up the big Xdivision match, the BFG stuff continues, and the KO match on thursday was #1 contender for the match thursday. It makes plenty of sense man.

    This is a ppv quality impact on cable, at no extra cost. It's a win/win.
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  4. Oh shit, so this isn't an actual PPV then? I apologise TNA, thought this was one of the 4 proper PPVs they were doing this year.

    Which ones make up the four? Slammiversery, BFG, Genesis and Lockdown?
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  5. Yep.
  6. if it was an actual ppv id agree totally, not a great build for it all, but this is just interim to promote a new xdivision champ and build for BFG's big moment. Sabin wont win.
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  7. It isn't a PPV, it's an Impact special. It's free.

    I was confused too.

    EDIT: Should probably read the other replies before replying :silva:
  8. Let's go Bully!
  9. 9PM! 9PM!
  10. Hey, look, a thread exists. Most I've looked forward to an Impact in a while.
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  11. Yeah, apparently it just got buried. :haha:
  12. Crap.... I still like the intro video in my thread. Ah well. I'll be here tonight.
  13. This better be live. :mad1-61:
  14. Who's in the middle?
  15. Do people have streams of this? or is it on TV? :hmm:

  16. Dude, that's Rockstar Spud.

  17. It's on Spike TV, but I'm pretty sure there are also streams.
  18. :robbie: :yay: :yes: :woo1: :someotherhappysmileyjusttomakeitasemievennumber:
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