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    Vince Russo is now officially done with TNA. He was informed today by John Gaburick that his consulting services were no longer needed after he sent an email to Mike Johnson exposing that he was still working with the company after previously saying he is was out of the wrestling business. According to sources, his involvement with TNA was less than warmly received by SpikeTV and may have had an affect on negotiations for a new TV deal.

    Russo tweeted the following:

    "Officially DONE w/TNA. Today they "suggested" a break, I declined. Finality was better for me. Details coming"

  2. That was quick. :happy:
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  3. Well, about 8 years too late but better late than never I suppose :haha:
  4. KISS wrestling goodbye Russ.
    Being blackballed is extremely embarrassing.
    Considering wrestling isn't full of saints, it paints Russ in worse light than he already was.
  5. He wasn't in TNA 2012-2014 for about two full years, but yeah your point is still valid lol.
  6. Such a sexy man. Look at that hair; probably cost more than my trailer

  8. "Never trust a Christian...I believe there the ones that hung jesus up on the thing or whatever.."

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  9. I mean, look at his chest! That open shirt is pure seduction.
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  10. Despite what Vince Russo posted on Twitter (which we mentioned earlier), the story I have received is that he was called by John Gaburick and fired today. One source told me that Gaburick, in jest, suggested that TNA and Russo no longer work together. It was not an option however as Gaburick then fired Russo. Russo then clung to the word "suggested" in his tweet, which is elsewhere on the site. Given the headache Russo has become of late, his firing was expected.

    - PWInsider
  11. This sounds more like a chick breaking up with a guy because the guy told somebody they were actually 'seeing' each other.
    Or visa versa. Either way, Russ thought he meant more to TNA and TNA gave him this:

  12. I don't care much for Russo honestly. He can take his New York accent and go away.
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  13. I'd love it if Russo was an on screen character somewhere. Would be a killer angle in ROH.
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  14. Good lord, Gaburick finally fired his ass if that story is true but anyways, Russo can't be mad. He put TNA in more shit than they were already in and then cries then they "suggest" a break. Get rekt, nub.
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