TNA draws lowest rating of 2014

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Feb 22, 2014.

  2. inb4 Testify has a massive rant at me for posting this
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  3. TNA's ratings go up and down. new!

    didn't see Crayo around to discuss their highest rating last week now did we
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  4. Dolph'sZiggler here to throw the curveball and attack Crayo!
  5. Meh not too terrible for them considering the state of the company, also didn't help that the USA/CAN hockey game replayed here over in America while TNA was going on so I'm sure that had a little contribution to it.
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  7. Thought the hocking was early in the morning? Was it replayed at night?

    Still, am shocked at the low number. Their ratings + TV have been consistently good for so many weeks and this really sucks.

    oh, right, this is the the internet. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT CRAYO!!!!!!!!!
  8. inb4 dumbass comment from BLFFL.

    If there was a Hockey game or replay of it from the Winter Olympics playing, Then it's understandable that they didn't have good ratings, I expect that most fans who didn't watch would of recorded it or caught (or will catch) a replay. I've yet to watch this weeks (Tomorrow it airs over here) but It'll most likely get better ratings next week (unless there's something bigger going on).
  9. whats tna? tits n ass? :cornette:
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  10. Their ratings are amazing. One week there can be 1.5 million, and the following there can be 1.1 million viewers; and the next one 1.5 again. After all these years, I'm still amazed at that fact lol.

    No we didn't, bro, no we did not. Typical chair.
  11. As ive said before close down TNA Dixie
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  12. Close it down and put people out of jobs while they're steadily surviving as a wrestling promotion? K.
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  13. :lady:
  14. You rang!!
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  15. My Little WWEF: Ignore Button is Magic
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  16. As I've said before, Close this Account down Crayo, before it goes bankrupt.
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  17. they were already posted you asslicking fgt
  18. That's right faggot. And we always post ratings in the Rate TNA thread, but when you saw a bad rating you just haaaaaaad to make a thread specially for it didn't you homo ass bitch. sit on 12 dicks you homo
  19. everyone meet Dolph's: Testify's #1 brown noser, WWEF'S biggest hypocrite fgt face.
  20. How about I rape your entire family and eat your girlfriends liver???
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