TNA Facebook Page Posts Cheap Shot At Cena

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by F.R.I.E, Jul 7, 2014.

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    After scrolling through my news feed, I saw a post by the Impact Wrestling Facebook page. The caption was, "After a fan posted this on Twitter, it got us thinking... Who could possibly be a challenger for LASHLEY next? Who do YOU want to see him face?".


    This may have been made by a fan on twitter, but TNA did in fact re-post this on Facebook. Could this be a cheap shot at John Cena to support their champion as being the supreme title holder? What are your thoughts?
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  2. Lashley isn't as black as Cena though.5
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  3. Good to see that TNA's graphics department is up to par.

    Shots fired via BB gun
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  4. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery
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  5. Seriously why is this whole thing thread worthy? Are Cena fans somehow offended by this photo? Lol @ this whole nonsense here
  6. Just found it interesting that TNA posted this on FB. Don't really see it as a problem.
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  7. TNA PPV posters and graphics? Probably the worst in the world

    But when it comes to TV stuff? It's always been a pretty great stuff (these are some from last 7 months)

    I could probably pull at least a hundred other awesome TNA graphics from 2010-2013 or similar, but it's not neccessary at all. I just don't like when people generalize things too much. TNA has a lot more TV than PPVs, so it's not right IMO.
  8. I like it. I'm pretty butthurt about Cena being the champion again (yeah, out of all things in WWE that's what annoys me the most) and it is indeed a positive that in TNA you don't have a hateable top babyface, and that their champion is at all interesting as well.
  9. lol Test crying
  10. butthurt motherfucker, dicksucker
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  11. It's just a fun little knock at the competition that isn't worth over-analyzing. Nothing more to it. Wrestling promotions (and rival companies in other genres as well) have been taking sporadic cheap shots at one another since forever. Someone sporting bleach blonde hair named Randy Hogan was beat down and humiliated on an NWA show at the height of the WWF's Mega Powers angle, WWE invented a character named Gillberg as a way of taking the piss out of Goldberg (who was on fire and uber-popular at the time), etc.
  12. Gillberg was the shit, same as Shark Boy in TNA.

    I see no issue with it, it's not even close to as LQ as some of the 2013 ppv posters/whatever were. If they really wanted to take a shot, they'd just mention a black man can actually be successful and be the top of the company in TNA.
  13. lol That wouldn't really be a shot since Bobby Lashley himself was pushed heavily in the WWE before he decided to walk out and go suck at MMA instead.
  14. In my opinion, it wasn't a shot at Cena but rather a way for them to capitalize on a popular and well-known phrase in the wrestling industry. In addition to that, it could peak the interest of those who don't normally watch TNA into checking it out to see how strong the TNA champion is.
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  15. Lashley looks like a pen** and nobody can beat him. Oh boy.
  16. I didn't watch then so I wouldnt know, but was he a World Champion in WWE?
  17. ECW Champion. But he was booked into a program against Vince and Shane McMahon, and Vince usually has to think a lot of you to bother inserting himself into a program with you for a few months. Lashley also represented Donald Trump at Wrestlemania 23 in Trump's feud against Vince (the McMahon/Trump rivalry being the main reason WM23 became the biggest drawing PPV in history at that point.)
  18. I'll have to take you at your word for it, I haven't seen the ECW title being represented by any big names today, but then again I barely watched it then. The only Trump shit I remember is making fun of my friend calling WWE a reality show ripoff and saying Flavor of love and that white rapper show were better. King of tha burbs, burbs is money.
  19. Oh, I wasn't saying the ECW Title was a prestigious championship to hold or anything, was just answering the question as to whether he ever won a world title or not. They still booked him strong and he at least got a WWE Championship match against Cena (even though he lost) before he left. He probably would have at least won the WHC if he had stuck around. I personally never saw him as that promising of a talent, personally.
  20. ECW belt was considered a world championship? They had 3 back in 05-whenever?

    I'm not even disagreeing with any of what you say, but the fact is dude never would have been the man in WWE, that was the only point I was making. I don't think it's a hidden secret in WWE minorities are pretty well shit on 90% of the time.
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