TNA files a lawsuit against WWE

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  2. WWE will win. :dawg: Lol @ TNA sueing though. :dawg:
  3. I read elsewhere that WWE fired this guy for doing that, which seems odd. But either way, it was pretty unfair, but there's not much they can really do to WWE about it. If they've obtained documents, they can return them if they haven't gotten rid of them already (if not, that's what makes it weird for firing Wittenstein), but they could have always made copies or jotted it down in other ways.
  4. Lol at TNA thinking they'll win this.
  5. Lawls at ignorants who're laughing at TNA because think they're good attorneys and know the legal job well. Rofl. Keep trippin boys. I'm not saying who'll win this, but I know that you don't look at the size of the company, ignorants!
  6. Translation: I'm a mad TNA mark.
  7. I'm laughing at you and the worthless company that you support, they won't win sh*t, all they've currently won is the "Jealousy" award.

    They will never get as big as WWE, so they thought filing a lawsuit could help their case in getting something to trend on Twitter, something that has the name of the company in it.

    #TNAJealousBastards - Trending worldwide.
  8. Yeah, I'm mad and hating here.:burns: Way to go Crayo.

    If you actually read my post, you could see that I'm stating that you just don't know the legal side so well, whether it's TNA vs. WWE or an angry Greek vs. USA.

    Keep doing it guys, changing the meaning of the posts in your favor so you can make yourself the smartest. That lasts...:haha:
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  9. What makes you think the legal side of TNA is good? They're as shitty as the company itself.
  10. What makes you think their legal department is bad? We don't know shit about that, clearly your irrational hatred for a show you don't even watch is clouding your judgement.

    Good grief.
  11. Well, let's see how this ends. I believe nothing big will come out of this, but you never know.
  12. Good grief indeed. :facepalm1: It's like a freaking twilight zone, brother.
  13. The way I see it, WWE fired the mole in a timely manner and told TNA about it. Had they hidden the information, I could see TNA's point. I also don't think WWE needed the information as it's not hard for them to find out the contract status of talents. If they want someone at TNA, they go after them. They don't need inside information for that.
  14. ^Awesome new sig. :boss:
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