TNA "Final Resolution" Discussion: Magnus vs. Hardy

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    2/3 FALLS MATCH: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

    KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM MATCH: Gail Kim & Lei'd Tappa vs. Madison Rayne & ODB
    "FEAST OR FIRED" BRIEFCASES REVEALED: Ethan Carter III., Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero & Gunner

  2. Anyone but Hardy as Champion, go get it Magnus!
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  3. I hope EC3 gets the World Title Shot.
  4. Hmm, haven't seen the case results except one.
  5. Hardy will get the championship and then feud with AJ Styles :pity:
    (Magnus truly deserves it, but I can't think of a Brittish champ nowadays tbh)
  6. Hardy will win?

  7. Hm. I'm guessing Gunner gets the World title shot, Zema gets X-Division, Chavo gets Tag and EC3 gets fired (but then Dixie cancels it or something like that). Haven't read the spoilers btw, just guessing.
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  8. Goooooooooo Magnus! New stars! :yay: Angle and Roode should be incredible as well.

    I haven't read spoilers either, but Feast or Fired is pretty predictable. EC3 gets the World Title, Zema gets the X, Gunner gets the tag, and Chavo gets fired. Sounds good to me, but I prefer a different one almost just like Leo's answers up there ^

    Gunner is probably too big for the X-Division, and most certainly doesn't belong in there. I don't see any reason to fire Gunner outside of a contract situation or something. But him getting another tag title shot could further the breakup between him and Storm... but with this Storm scenario, I'd like to see him get a World Title shot. Storm interfering will probably be predictable (sometimes the best swerves are no swerves?) but Gunner robbing James of a World Title shot would be great drama for that feud. Plus Gunner could get a nice rub from being a clear underdog in a World Title match.

    Chavo... oh, Chavo. We all want this guy getting the fired case so he can take a backstage role like he should while we all laugh hysterically and lord knows we don't want him and Shane getting another World Title Shot. Eww. Wouldn't mind seeing him go for the X-Division belt though since he's still a solid worker.

    Ethan Carter could get any briefcase. He's jacked, but small enough for the X-Division. If they REALLY want to get creative, then they could bring back Garett Bischoff, have Dixie kiss his ass and make up for the entire Aces and Eights run because of how great his dad is and how wonderful Eric is and blah blah blah, playing off the negative sterotypes of Dixie... but there's really 2 good options. Maybe Dixie keyed him in to where the World Title shot is and he effortlessly got it down mid-match? Or they could give him the Fired case, have Dixie run down to re-hire him on the spot which would piss Sting off and make that feud really hot.

    Can't see Zema Ion getting the world title shot and they simply can't fire the guy after all he's been through, with the crows flying around this company they really have to not touch that + there's no reason to fire him unless he's leaving. The X title seems perfect but giving him the tag title shot could be great, either that causes eventual dissension between him and the Bromans, or he gives them the briefcase so they have both the tag titles AND 2 Rematches in their back pocket.

    Lots of interesting possibilities.
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  9. Magnus' road to Final Resolution:
    - defeated Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle to advance

    Hardy's road to Final Resolution:
    - defeated Chris Sabin and Bobby Roode to advance
  10. tonight?

    might check it out
  11. lol are they really putting the title on Derrick Bateman? #loltna
  12. huh?
  13. This is tonight.
  14. I'll make the LD if you'll be here <3<3
  15. no

    Have no idea if I'll be here or not buddy... but GN will probably make it if that helps. :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. maybe if she still loved me.
  17. Haven't watched TNA since Bully lost the title, just watched some matches/sgements. But hey, we're talking about Chavo gettin fired.
  18. That's what TNA is all about, firing Hispanic men... You happy, aren't you?
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