TNA Genesis 1/13/13 PPV Discussion Thread ***LIVE***

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 7, 2013.

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Who Wins The Main Event Elimination Match?

Poll closed Jan 14, 2013.
  1. Jeff Hardy Retains

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  2. Bobby Roode GOAT Reign #2

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  3. Austin Aries TGMTEL Reign #2

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  1. [size=x-large]




    World Heavyweight Title Elimination Match: Jeff Hardy(c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

    World Tag Team Titles: Chavo & Hernandez(c) vs. Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan

    Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

    Grudge Match: Sting vs. D.O.C.

    X Tournament Finals: Christian York vs. Kenny King


    Devon vs. Joseph Park

    5 Knockouts Gauntlet #1 Contenders Match

    [size=x-large]X Division Title: RVD vs. X Tournament Winner[/size]


  2. Stickying
  3. If anyone knows a stream to see this PLEASE PM me.
  4. Poll is up, be sure to vote!

    Daniels-Storm should be dope man.
  5. Is it sad that I'm seriously torn on who might win the ME?
  6. Sad, no. Decent booking for once, yes.


    Really hope Roode takes it. Wouldn't be disappointed with an Aries win either.
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  7. Glad I'm not the only one to feel that way.

    I would love to see Aries win. However, I could see them letting Hardy retain since he hasn't held the title long and is a fan favorite, but I could also see Roode winning. Tough call.
  8. Morgan and Ryan better win this time.
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  9. Agreed. They need to be tag champs.
  10. I say Hardy retains, sadly :downer: .. I hope I'm wrong though :smug:
    Should be a solid match regardless.
  11. Hardy will retain until March, id bet on it honestly.
  12. Hoping so, especially since I'm in war with Uuuuuhhh Chavo now, lol.

    And of course, it would look better on Mr. :ryan: and Matt Morgan.
  13. New match announced:


    As expected. This should be good match, as Sting always works good matches with giants.
  14. Meh. I don't want to watch Sting wrestle
  15. There are no shits to give to that match. DOC sucks the bag IMO, don't know what else to do with Sting though.
  16. Trying to cross-check with the OP to make sure the full card to date is listed. Didn't remember seeing York, though his opponent hasn't been determined yet. So I apologize if I'm crossing a line with this post. :testify:
  17. So... Daniels goes from BEATING CLEAN his arch nemesis and rival, the TNA "golden boy" AJ Styles... to quite possibly jobbing to irrelevant and stale James Storm? TNA can't book for shit. Honestly, they deserve all the suffering they get.

    At least the main event has the MOTYC potential, especially with the Elimination Rules stipulation.
  18. Aries or Roode better win this shit, Hardy's seriously beginning to get on my tits.
  19. I believe I'll watch it live and discuss. Looking forward to the ME, hope Hardy loses the belt. Don't even care about who wins it tbh.
  20. Voted Bobby Roode. Come on people, no way AA wins. 0%. I dont want hardy to keep the title, and i hate his promo's, so Roode. Another long reign of the Shit factor.
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