TNA gets better UK ratings than WWE

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. I don't know how, but I have only just found out that. I'm surprised they don't involve the UK more in the show. Perhaps a special UK-based PPV or something? They are the top wrestling federation in the UK - where there are lots of wrestling fans - and that is a pretty impressive thing imo.

    They should take advantage of the fact TNA is free to watch here, where as WWE isn't.
  2. TNA gets better ratings because their programming is free, and I mean completely, and WWE's isn't.

    It's still a good thing for TNA, though! There were talks about doing a PPV in the UK sometime in the future, but with TNA now being on the road, I don't know when will that happen. Not in 2013, that's certain. They should do it @ Lockdown 2014.
  3. WWE had Insurexxtion and Rebellion in the UK and people enjoyed it, so TNA should definitely give it a try.

    Put Bound for Glory in the Millennium Stadium, everyone would love that <3
  4. Not sure if TNA is "completely" free, as I'm not sure if freeview gets the channel. It might be one of those jobber channels that come with Sky - something we pay for - but WWE is on "Sky Sports" which is something you need to pay even more for.
  5. Is WWE as well known over there? TNA's struggling over here because of lack of brand recognition...
    Or do UK Fans follow the better product and not just the bigger name with wrestling, too? Damn it would be nice to live over there.
  6. None of them are particularly known. If you cornered ten people in the street and mentioned wrestling, they would think of WWF though. WWE itself isn't particularly well known, but it's probably more known than TNA simply because of WWF. However, TNA is free here, and any "hardcore" fans here will definitely watch TNA over WWE. Staying up late and having to pay for Sky Sports to have it isn't a good thing for WWE here, lol.
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  7. Xplosion is on Challenge for free on Tuesdays.
    Impact is on Sundays in primetime spot, but don't know on what channell.
    PPVs are on Wednesdays after the PPV airs in the USA, on the same channell where IMPACT airs.

    It's all free, and I'm pretty sure Challenge is free. Don't about the other programme though.
  8. Just checked, Challenge is on free view yeah, but it's definitely a jobber channel lol. I wish they could get on a more mainstream channel here, but oh well.
  9. Yeah, I also checked: TNA's entire programming is on Challange, so there's no other channel I was talking about lol.

    They still manage to get between 150k-200k on weekly basis there, though, with Impact Wrestling, and that's a really good number. Xplosion gets between 50-80k.
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  10. As well as it being on free-view, I think in the UK and Ireland the product resonates well for some reason. House shows in Ireland by TNA always sell out and the noise is incredible.
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  11. Those are genuinely great numbers. That's why I am baffled as to why TNA don't perhaps capitalise on it a bit more. There is definitely a market in the UK. You could counter that by saying TNA do come here quite a bit with their tours and televised events, but there could be more done imo.
  12. Same goes for England as well. Noise is great, and it's always sold out. I think one of the big four PPV's could definitely be a UK one.
  13. Come to think about it, they could do Genesis 2014 in the UK, on Sunday, Jan 26th. They already have dates set for Impact tapings, and they begin on 30th, 4 days later, so they can have fallout there and continue the hype for Lockdown too. Seems like a win-win situation for me. Let the wrestlers do a PPV, then give them a 3 day break for sightseeing and a bit of training or do a Gutcheck seminars for UK up-and-comers, and then they go for a 4 day TV tapings, over the course of 30th, 31st, 1st and 2nd. :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Jan 26th is always a great day. It's a shame they can't get on a channel like channel 4 like WWF was back in the day.
  15. Why is that?
  16. A lot of ppl I know who watch wrestling or used to have started watching TNA over WWE as they its more similar in style they feel to the AE. I kno my mate at work who was a big E fan is now watching TNA weekly and rarely watches E anymore.
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