TNA Going on Road: How will that effect the WWE?

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  1. I read a report this morning that WWE has been contacting Arenas around The United States to block TNA from getting access to running Shows in those buildings. Reports have also come out that WWE is thinking about shifting their House Show Schedule to keep TNA out of a lot of Arneas on Thursdays, whidh is when Impact Wrestling is broadcast. Clearly, WWE is trying to keep TNA from doing well and they are afraid that TNA could do well. This would also explain why WWE has been taking a more Fan Friendly Approach at a lot of their upcoming House Shows.
  2. Well, if WWE are indeed doing what they are doing because TNA is going on the road, it shows that they think TNA might be onto something.
  3. I don't think it'll really affect the WWE that much, but if they're going out of their way to get into TNA's stuff then they must either be a bit worried or they're just massive trolls.
  4. Vince is just seeing the big picture. He knows there's always the possibility that TNA could rise up and become competition one day (even with Turner's resources, there were people telling Vince not to ever seriously worry about WCW, which came back to haunt him) and he's gonna try and make it difficult for them to do so while it's still early.
  5. Never mind, WWE top shows are on Modays and Fridays, TNA Impact is on Thursdays, WWE sholdn't mind what TNA does... Congrats to TNA because after 10 years they go on the road permanently =)
  6. ... I don't see what tna does that would make them a big deal. Just seems so retro to me (said retro instead of low budget to be nice.) I'm guessing the actual wrestling must be good but it never caught my attention long enough to see any good matches.

    But like any smart business man, you have to know when and how to react. Better too early then too late. But as long as wwe had John Cena they'll be safe!

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