TNA Gutcheck Winner Jay Bradley Heads To OVW

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Newest TNA signing Jay Bradley tweeted the following this morning on his official twitter account:

    "Guess the word's out! I'm back at OVW tonight. See what my #Boomstick has in store. 4400 Shepherdsville Rd Louisville KY"

    :dawg: OVW roster is beast now! Crimson, Bradley, Terry, Silva, Shaw, Williams, Olivencia, Spade, Hendrix....
  2. But yeah, unless this is for a really short period, it's a waste of Bradley. He's better than 95 perchent of the OVW roster.
  3. Maybe it's a case of waiting to have something in store for him rather than improving him.
  4. Yeah, the so called "seasoning". I think that's also the case with Crimson.

    Hopefully Bradley pops up in his hometown on March 14th live TV taping in Chicago.:obama:
  5. I always found that one funny with Crimson, hey let's give a guy an undefeated streak for a year lol he's not ready yet back to developmental. It's a shame in all honesty as a program with Storm would have been good for both guys.
  6. Yeah, Crimson's career is one funny fairytell lol. Hope he comes back to main roster ASAP.
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  7. Not the best developmental roster out there but one of them. And I'd rather see them have Bradley down there for a while instead of bringing him up immediately and forgetting what to do with him, remember Christian York and Joey Ryan.
  8. Joey Ryan was never going to be a great signing IMO, he got great hype on himself but he's not outstanding in any one thing sadly, very similar to Ryder IMO.
  9. Both will be back soon.

    Please elaborate a bit more before I tear into you like I did in Crayo, because you seemed to question Joey Ryan and somewhat comparing him to a freaking Ryder?:dawg:
  10. I'm to be honest not a fan of Ryan either. He does nothing for me.
  11. WTF happened all the sudden? :ryan:

    He's not the best wrestler ever or something, but I find the guy entertaining as hell, funny, very good in ring abilities and great character and presence.
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  12. +1
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  13. Joey Ryan isn't an outstanding talent in any way, he exploited social media to get himself hyped up beyond his ability. Bar his Iron Man with Dragon in early days of PWG he's never really made me think wowza this guy is an awesome individual let's go out and sign him but this entire build did, I'm not comparing him in quality with Zack at all rather how he built himself up, it's a compliment if anything.
  14. Anyway, back to Bradley's OVW return (courtesy of Brian Cannon of the


  15. I really enjoyed Bradley on Gutcheck, hope he's on the main roster soon, want to see more of him.
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