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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Apr 13, 2014.

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  1. What TNA Star do you want to see in WWE?

    Mine are
    Kaz, Daniels and Roode

    Also, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Magnus and Bad Influence.
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  3. EGO, Aries, Joe, and Gunner.
  4. Magnus, Gunner, maybe Aries.
  5. Also, I can't forget about Rampage Jackson.
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  6. King Mo, is a TNA Legend!
  7. This brought a grin to my face, DEFINITELY hot property in the wrestling world.

    I would like to see Samoa Joe in the WWE, I believe he would be very successful there if we are able to generalize the success of his heritage in the WWE.
    Bobby Roode is another TNA guy who could make a success for himself by jumping ship to the WWE, the guy is a bonifide top heel.

    Will any of them jump ship to the WWE? I think a lot of this decision comes down to what will come of TNA wrestling. At the moment I would say neither of them will join the WWE at 35 and 37 years old respectively but then again Sting just signed at 55 and R-Truth singed when he was 38 maybe? Who knows what the state of TNA will be in a year or two's time.
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    I would easily say Aj Styles but he doesn't work with TNA longer, i guess? so I would say none.

    If the title would say "ROH Guys" or something like that Then, I would say Briscoe Brothers - Jay Briscoe / Mark Briscoe.
  9. Aries, Roode and Joe.

    That's about it.
  10. Briscoes in WWE would be a disaster lol. Unless their gimmick was having their entire promos bleeped out.
  11. Fuck Magnus
    I completely lost interest in Joe when he got the machete, and i haven't gained it back since.
    Aries i guess would be awesome
    Bad Influence is possibly the best tag team in the last 5 years, on mainstream wrestling that is. They are the personification of hard working mid-carders IMO
    Bobby Roode, come on the guy is fucking Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode is like a shark and TNA's his "pond" not a fit.

    Overall: I restate and say Aries, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode...Is about it.
  12. Aries, Kaz, Daniels.
  13. No Roode?
  14. Maybe.
  15. I wish Angle GTFO's from TNA once and for all already, since he's crying about it.

    From others, only Samoa Joe and Velvet Sky.
  16. Aries would be a great replacement for punk. He's got a better look too.
  17. Aries is better in every way possible. I wish he were 6'2 instead of 5'8
  18. If he were 6'2 he'd have a longer reign than Sammartino.
  19. Yea, I'm not super into a guy having to have "the look" but there are certain guys you really have to try to suspend disbelief for. I am a massive Aries mark and honestly him beating Roode for the belt in 2012 is one of my favorite wrestling moments since i started watching again as an adult, but I could never buy into him say beating HHH in a night then beating Orton and Batista in a triple threat to win the title all with a broken shoulder or whatever.
  20. He's a guy that could instantly bring cred to the IC title like he did with the X-div title. Let him run with it for a year and it has it's former importance back. As long as he's booked in feuds of course.
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