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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Completely ripping the thread from the WWE Section, who would you like to see fill out the TNA HOF?

    IMO Jeff Jarrett needs to be the #2 inductee. Hate on him all you want, but his ass needs to go in.

    Guys from earlier in TNA's history that should garner consideration would be Raven & Ron Killings. I didn't watch TNA earlier and have only gone back and watched what I could find, which admittedly isn't all that much, but I've seen both of their work as main eventers in the company and they were very solid. Christian Cage also belongs in without a doubt.

    of the current roster I think there are tons of candidates.

    Kurt Angle should be the 3rd inductee after Sting & Jarrett. He is a lock.

    TNA Lifers/Homegrown talent like AJ, Joe & Beer Money are no brainers as well.

    Bully Ray & Devon should be locks. Hardy will get in you have to think.

    after that I have to start to question guys as you don't want to overdue the HOF or it starts to mean less.

    I think Abyss/Joseph Park has a good chance as well because of longevity, popularity & versatility.

    Am I missing anyone? I'm sure they will put Hogan in, which is fine, his big name value is all he brings to the table so you may as well get him in your HOF
  2. One would think Gail would be dead set. She is the first ever Knockouts champion and that in a sense has to carry some clout for the HOF.
  3. Kurt Angle was the first time TNA seemed to step up so he's a lock as mentioned, probably Karen Jarrett sadly, AJ, Joe, Kaz, Daniels, Beer Money, Russo (hate me but he'll go in eventually a huge part of TNA's history and HH compare TNA before he signed I know he put us through a lot of terrible booking issues but he'll possibly be the figure which modernised the company.
  4. I'll say Jeremy Borash. He's been there since day one, consistently entertaining, great on the mic, works damn hard backstage. Someone as dedicated and awesome as JB must get in.
  5. I bet they put Tenay in eventually :booker:
  6. Probably not, none of the commentators are that good to get in the hof. JB only deserves it because he does way more than those guys... and is actually entertaining.
  7. Yea but TNA clearly doesn't view Tenay like th IWC does or he wouldn't have a job. In their minds he is a legend from his WCW days who has been with the company since day 1.
  8. LOL @ Tenay, JB, Gail, Ray and Devon and Hardy mentions.

    Why? Because those 6 won't go in there in 5-10 yrs.

    From what I know, it's one or two persons a year - announced at Slammy, inducted at BFG.

    This year, it's either Jarrett or Angle, it has to be.

    Next year, Styles and/or Hogan.
  9. But this thread is not about who will go in this year. It's about people who will go in, no matter the time frame.
  10. :downer:

    So yeah, they will - Gail, Hardys, 3D and even fucking JB and Tenay.
  11. I think Christian Cage did a lot and deserves to be in, all the others have already been mentioned.
  12. Jeff Jarrett and his dad do.
    But since Sting was the first inductee, it gives me hope to see AJ Style's inducted.
  13. Maybe he doesn't end his career on TNA but for all his job there and the great superstar he is maybe Jeff Hardy should be in
  14. I'm interested to see who'll be the first in both HOFs Hogan seems the most likely pick imo.
  15. Yeah, sure. I just wouldn't induct him for a long time to come. Maybe in 10 yrs.

    Btw, I'm all for physical HoF building getting built in Nashville with all the memorabilia, that makes the HoF legit thing.
  16. Knowing Hogan, he'd put the TNA HoF at Hogans Beach Shop brother. :hogan:
  17. Well lemme tell you one thing brother: Jeff Hardy is great, one of the greatest of greats in jack history, but this Matt Morgan kid.... I'll tell ya this - I smell blood. He's epitome of everything that's good about being a big jack, dude. His jack is more huge than my dude, brother. I think he's a star in making, not like that flippy dude called Within the Weed Silent Bob. And Bully Ray, well.... I'm putting him in a bathtub match vs. my brother Sting in a Guerrila Warfare Position on Russo match. And Al Snow can hate Robbie E and Taz all he wants sack, but he never experienced Mike Tenay's breath after he chokes in his own smell of his grossful thumbs.
  18. :yay:
  19. Do you know who I am?
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