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  1. Stop debating over the status plugin over TNA, that's not its purpose.

    Tell us why you hate TNA and listen to those who defend it.
  2. Wouldn't class myself as a hater but it has it's flaws including irrational booking at times, the focus on the older talent they have at times and some ridiculous match types they've used, the reverse battle royal comes to mind. The positives include great wrestlers including Styles, Aries and Samoa Joe amongst countless others and some unique match types including the ultimate X. TNA is the same as any other company it can be great but it can also make me gouge my eyes. #OnTheFence
  3. 1.Worst booking ever, I laugh every week.

    2.It's not live, they suck dick.

    3.Storylines that go nowhere, the dropping of stories for no particular reason.

    4.Arena is not even HALF FULL.

    5.I laugh at the crowd, they are so boring and most of them seem planted, like the one at All Against Odds PPV.

    6. Rely too much on WWE Superstars, dirt sheet stuff and yes it is true.

    7.Jeff Hardy, they should dump him somewhere in Japan.

    8.Rob Van Dam, drug addict and has already lost his passion for the wrestling business.

    9.Horrible promos, self explanatory.

    10. Commentary team is worth a bag of dog shit, I cry every time I watch a TNA event.


    12.I forgot to add, THEY HAVE HULK HOGAN :laugh:

    There's much more to be said but yes overall I'd rather watch Indian people wrestle each other than watch TNA atleast they'd be more entertaining. (No offence to Indian people, never meant something bad)
  4. Agree with commentary and Hulk.

    The rest is facepalm worthy.


  5. No sir, the rest is the best stuff.

    Whenever I want to get a good laugh I go on and watch some TNA.
  6. Vince Russo isn't there anymore, the LOLTNA moments have gone down significantly. Hulk Hogan is a manager (where he should be) Jeff is out of the ME scene and RVD is off of TV (thank goodness). The right people are getting pushed so the promos have improved. James Storm and Bobby Roode are being pushed to the sky, and both have way more talent than you give them credit for.

    We all know the Impact Zone and commentary sucks, but it's better than WWE crowds and Cole/Lawler. This isn't the TNA that gave you crap like Sting vs RVD, this is a new era. Give it a chance.
  7. Filled it in.

  8. I laughed hard, TNA Crowd better than WWEs? Oh man..

    By the way seabs, Sting is an ex WWE superstar, Punk doesn't botch on every match.
  9. I'm sorry but what? Sting has never wrestled for the WWE he was in WCW, the NWA and TNA but that's it

  10. Still it's part of the WWE.
  11. Not it isn't when Sting was a part of it it wasn't under WWE ownership. They own his backlog but he never directly worked for the WWE.
  12. Have you seen these WWE crowds? The IZ has improved a little, it's hardly spectacular but it's an improvement.
  13. ITT: Zamo makes an ass of himself
  14. Not a Hater but...

    1. Constant Face/Heel turns
    2. Too many factions
    3. Impact Zone, they should be on the road more
    4. Garret Bischoff

    Although most of them have not happened recently so whatever.
  15. TNA is the better show by far, wrestling wise.. It's just that WWE has shit tons of money to put into their props, arenas, equiptment, and scenes..

    The wrestling portion of it anyways, is better than the WWE.
    Promo/segments wise, WWE has TNA beat because Vince is willing to buy the best mic speakers and actors.
  16. Bully Ray is more entertaining on the mic than anyone in WWE at the moment. Sting's crazy ass gimmick is pretty entertaining at times. Roode cuts great promos as the cocky heel champion. Aries is awesome when they actually give him mic time.

    I'd say promo/mic work is, at best, a wash between the two companies, if not a slight edge towards TNA

    I'll give you that the Impact Zone is a buzzkill though
  17. Nah disagree, other than Ray they have no spectacular mic workers (unless you count Mr Anderson). Where as WWE has superstars where if they were no TNA, they'd be the best mic workers in the company. Barrett, Cena, Miz, Riley, Rhodes, Ziggler (when he's at his best), Rock (he counts right?), CM Punk & Jericho.
  18. Haters gonna hate. Fuck them in the ass and make 'em humble. Bully Ray is gonna rip your head off and piss in your neck.

    Flair and Steiner > WWE (aka Sesame Street Wrestling)
  19. Ray and Steiner are definitely epic on the mic. Flair is so overrated it's unreal.
  20. [​IMG]

    Don't mess with Mic God!
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