TNA high on new signing

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  1. source
  2. Source is Meltzer, so they're probably fire him within 6 months, lol.

    On a serious note, I like him. He seems legit, can work and is decent on mic.
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  3. Yeah, I guess he can do well in this role.
  4. Indeed he was terribly under utilized.
  5. Don't know if true since it's Meltzer, but he was terribly underutilized by WWE.

    Hope it's true, as I think they'll use him much better.

  6. Meltzer is our leader....Doc is good...Doc is Great....Doc makes Meltzer Masturbate.
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  7. Biscuits and gravy!!!!
  8. I'd hope they were high on everyone they sign, just an IMO but you shouldn't sign anyone unless you have at least some hope they can make it to the stage of being a valuable asset to the company.
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  9. Like Sean fucking Morley and Nasty Boys in 2010. What the hell was that? :facepalm:
  10. Hulkamania running wild brother.
  11. Meltzer either posts bullshit he came up with on the crapper or the most obvious stuff ever.

    "TNA like the guy they signed" ... well duh.
  12. True dat, typical "common sense report" stuff from ****zer. Nobody signs a guy who they don't like lol.
  13. He's got the look of a real asshole heel.
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