TNA ideas that never took off

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. I saw one of these threads for the WWE, TNA should have 4 times as many, if your from England you gotta know some, here is one I know.

    -Back in Early 2011 the Main Event Mafia was suppose to reform to take on the immortal faction which explained the Scott Steiner return, but Kevin Nash and Booker T signed with WWE and both entered the rumble. So they decided just to use Fortune.

    We got any?
  2. Damn, Heyman would have revolutionized TNA.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Main Event Mafia 2013: Possibly the most pointless 'Re-union' of a group ever. The idea of the reform was to fight Aces and Eights. The results were Rampage promoting his next fight, Kurt Angle goes to rehab, Magnus feuds with Sting after only a few months or less leading to a Magnus heel turn. Terrible idea, Ken Anderson ended up finishing the Aces and Eights.


    Judas Mesias in TNA: From first glance Judas Mesias coming to TNA was exciting, he had Abyss' former manager James Mitchell at his side and the guy looks fucking scary. After the Abyss rivalry TNA really had nothing creatively for him so he was released from his contract. Although the gimmick has been successful in other promotions it just did not work out for TNA.


    Hulk Hogan in TNA: When Hogan joined TNA I was a little surprised and excited that he could change them for the better, I was wrong. The idea of Hogan being in TNA is great, I mean Hogan is an American wrestling legend and hall of famer right? So naturally he would bring a constant line of fans to TNA right? Nope. The storylines just sucked, they brought in Brooke Hogan to be a part of those storylines too :aries:. It's best that TNA fans forget Hogan's time in their company.

    These are the first three things on the top of my head in TNA that hypothetically sounded good for business but turned out poor.
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  4. Hogan/Bitchoff's pitiful idea of a rankings system comes to mind
  5. All of them :jeritroll:
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  6. I think the Feast or Fired Match could work if
    1. it was pegged as a last chance match for the roster's job squad 2. it had less guys 3. all cases had a prize in them 4. everyone else in the match who didn't get one was fired
  7. First thing that came to mind: giving Styles the title when his contract was out and he was perfectly willing to leave. Seems to me that TNA booked themselves into a do-or-die scenario....and they didn't "do".

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  8. Geez, good topic but I'm not really sure what to say. So many of the "ideas" you remember were doomed from the start, or in other cases retroactively saved... Hmmmmm... Maybe the current main-event scene is a huge missed opportunity....Wait! Matt Morgan in TNA. Don't need an explanation.
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  9. Good call on Matt Morgan, although he was in WWE first. If TNA screwed up with him, they weren't the first.

    And I couldn't agree more about the current main event scene in TNA. Magnus has been completely wrongly booked. He is a physically-dominant specimen and should have been booked as an evil heel who destroys everything in his path, rather than a cowardly heel/under-achieving heel who needs help/support to hold onto his belt. The run, coming so soon after the AJ Styles fiasco, has seriously hurt the credibility of the TNA Championship. If they'd had Joe go over at Lockdown, at least they would have had a guy who brings credibility to the title.

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  10. I can understand the way they booked the whole "chicken-shit heel" version of Magnus when Dixie was around, since at least someone was getting something out of it (Dixie, but still). During the entire run with Dixie, Magnus never really came across as "someone who HAS to have help to win a match" as much as "Hey, Dixie's wanting to send 8 people out so I can easily retain the belt? Cool. Send'em out." So he wasn't quite AS damaged, but after he paid off Abyss when Dixie went away just to keep the belt it's just confirmed exactly what you said. Why would you book anyone like that? It's counterproductive as all hell.

    Almost every part of this main event scene feels like a failure. The Abyss thing was random and ruined a PPV + his character is really cold. MVP has already proven ineffective as a GM (speaking of things that never took off... the GM position in general needs to take off into outer space), and just from being involved with the rest of this mess I can't remember a time that I've cared about Joe less. Given the last few years, that's a scary thought.
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