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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by WarMachine, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Four remarkable athletes, each of whom has held the World Title, are fighting
    to once again capture gold. Who will win the World Title Series and become the
    undisputed World Champion?

    Find out Tuesday, January 5 at 9/8c on Pop.




    Bobby Roode not only became the third ever Legends Global Television King of The
    Mountain Champion in 2015, Roode made sure the Title stayed with IMPACT. Now,
    Roode is ready for 2016, particularly, tweeting earlier:

    @REALBobbyRoode: Like 2015, I will continue to be a fighting champion
    this year...January 5 the KOTM title WILL be defended.

    ...and probably lost? OK, to be clear, that's me speaking again.




    MIRACLE (Noun)

    A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific
    laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency

    That's divine, with an 'i', not an 'e'. Sorry, Johnny. It ain't you.





    Boy, we need new knockouts, eh?



    For weeks now the rumors have swirled that TNA were aggressive after new
    talent for tonight’s live broadcast. Who will show up? Mike Bennett and
    Maria Kanellis
    ? reDRagon? Perhaps a blast from the past… or two?

    If it's Hogan, we riot.


  2. Please... Come to NXT, Bobby Roode!
  3. 'Twas what you thought of it.
  4. Sounds like a good show for a debut, but they need to continue bringing in more people. Spoilers sound good as well, uhh, the live PPV seems decent.

    It got just under 300k viewers on POP, not great, but not bad either. It can only rise IMO, so c'mon TNA.
  5. I heard they've finally being getting somewhere with stuff, Beer Money is back together (which means they've successfully got James Storm back) and they had a shocker with Tyrus turning on EC3 and Hardy turning heel ending EC3's streak in a mass shocker. Kharma is still around in a feud with Kim, but what are they making a play for with the KOTM title? They need to make that title of importance, maybe it's better as the TV title being defended weekly with rapid changes.
  6. Oh and EC3 just winning back the title fort he title series was still stupid though, you expect a different champ to be crowned but naw
  7. Spoilers, mate. But IMO it was the right call - EC3 wins back the title cleanly after originally screwing over Hardy to create the World Title series. This proves he is the best. So either he gets more heat or people fully cheer him as he's proven he is the best. Matt was cocky, he was confident, he said he knew he would beat EC3 but couldn't - now he'll do anything and everything to get the title back.
  8. Nah, no way does EC3 not win this series lmao
  9. By the way, for the UK tour, we can vote for 1 of 3 British talents to be at the shows, thanks to Dixie:

    UK Tour Poll – Impact Wrestling

    It's between Big Damo, Will Ospreay and Jimmy Havoc. I don't follow much UK wrestling tbh but I know that Will could be fantastic for the X-Division. I haven't voted as I'll leave that to the guys and gals who have watched the 3. Either way, I'm excited.
  10. GO SHENRON GO!!! Haha

    So what did y'all think of Angle vs Galloway?
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