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  2. Big O Will thrive in OVW. But on the full roster he's potentially TNA's equivalent to Mason Ryan.
  3. Dont know him, but his connect to Ryder makes it worth it. I would kill to see the Internet champion on TNA someday.
  4. They'll probably announce him as the Gutcheck competitor tonight, and then he'll wrestle next week (also taped tonight), as there are already 6 BFGS matches announced for tonight.
  5. The 2nd Gutcheck competitor will be Ryan Howe from OVW, sources have told
  6. Problem?

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  7. Not really, I always make those things up.:jeritroll:

    But Ryan Howe is (reportedly) on the Gutcheck.
  8. It'll be a shame if they turned down Brian Cage and signed the Big O IMO, everything O could be Cage is already there. Still he showed a bit of promise although his inring segments need a lot to be desired.
  9. If Brian Cage and Adam Pearce didn't win contracts, then I don't know who deserves them.
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  10. I suppose age played an issue with Pearce, as for Cage lord only knows. Apparently he mellowed after being released from the E so I doubt it's that issue again.