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    Dixie is back in the Impact zone hide the Women and Children, she could turn you into stone! I just see Dixie bitching and complaining and starting up her schemes to get back control of TNA but it will fail in the end. In other news Abyss has no balls and now has a vagina he's more easy to control than when he was with James Mitchell. How stupid can you be to let Magnus with the belt, I just hope this isn't a ploy for TNA push away Joe and EY and make Abyss the new one contender and have him win the belt?! Also the Wolves vs Bromans with the belts on the line they are hungry for those belts back, but the Bromans want to keep those belts to impress the cock eye ladies out the club who's gonna win? Lastly some Knockout action it seems all the Knockouts from what they have left to face Madison? Maybe Sky vs Love vs Brittney vs Gail Kim? Or will ODB take Gail's spot who knows lol.
  2. inb4 another year long stable vs stable feud
  3. It's not like the dixie segment will be longer than a wwe Raw commercial/divas match/commercial shit. Kenny King, Anderson, Tigre, Sanada, Bully and Bobby!? Count my ass down...Just praying Aries and BI will be back in the near future.
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  4. Advertising "Tune in this week because DIXIE CARTER will be back on iMPACT" seems like an unwise business decision.
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  5. maybe she has a nip slip.
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  6. old lady nips :gusta:
  7. Man is Joe Park really Abyss? He looks legit retarded as Abyss with the teeth out and shit.
  8. Blahhhh DC BACK? been awhile since the mute buttons been used but it still works so that's good.
  9. Hope the Wolves win them belts back. As for Dixie wont hate until I watch the episode.
  10. Amen dude I have been missing Aries recently also.

    Does anybody have any idea what is going on with him? As far as I know he has not made an appearance for TNA since he lost the belt to Sanada at the Wrestle-1/TNA PPV. I haven't read anything regarding Aries either recently. I'm hoping he eventually regains the X-division title from Sanada and then cashes it in at Destination X again in July. Aries to end Magnus' title reign? #epiphany.
  11. Thought we were rid of Dixie Carter. This doesn't seem promising.
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  12. Thought so too..... makes me cringe.
  13. There might be a contract dispute going on, but they kept him off this last taping to save money + spotlight more of the new talent.

    If Bad Influence don't get resigned, then this company is completely incompetent. They're arguably the biggest draws on the roster despite being enhancement talent. The way Aries was booked for the last 2 years has just been asinine. Lets hope Aries isn't gone as well.
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  14. TNA has to figure a way out at least to keep Aries or Bad Influence, you can't let them both go that would just be completely fail. I'm worried, I've watched TNA on and off frequently for it's whole lifetime as a company and that would be one of the biggest failures of the company if it happened.

    Blah I know this is my 3rd time about it but BLAHHH still can't believe she's going to be back so soon :emoji_slight_frown: she hasn't been off air long enough for me to stop forgetting how awful she is.
  15. The way BI and Aries have been booked in the last two years has indeed been kinda insulting.
  16. Oh right I see thanks dude. I'm missing the guy.

    I do think that Bad Influence will re-sign but this is based solely on instinct. Both have left TNA in the past and have ended up back there, Daniels left for a while in 2010 after his contract expired and Kaz signed with WWE for a while around 2005/6? Can't remember entirely as he was not signed to WWE for very long. I agree with everybody that says it would be a disaster for BI to leave TNA, they are two of the superstars that have been mainstays since their inception in 2002.
  17. Srsly bro? Do you remember how great Aries has been booked in 2011 and 2012, and decently in 2013? I thought all the X and World Title reigns and wins over all the TNA stars (legit, he beat just about everybody in TNA) has would prove it... I know it wasn't perfect, but overall not counting 2014, I'd rate his run at around 8/10 (just remember all the great moments and matches he had with Roode, Bully, Hardy, Chavo, Sabin, Shelley, Kendrick, all the shoot promos, Destination X 2012, all the swag he shown)....

    As for BI, I don't they don't win matches, but at least they've been featured more on TNA TV in 2012 and 2013 than ever before. They said it themselves: they've cut more promos and given more time on TV and in the main events in 2012 and 2013 than ever in their careers. Just sayin' bro.
  18. Two years is wrong considering we're still in early 2014, my bad. I meant since he lost the World title. Since then, he has been kinda lost in the shuffle (although his tag with Roode was awesome). BI has been jobbing way too much imo for quite a long time, even if they got TV time.
  19. What in the flying hell is going on with TBP's outfits?
  20. Hey now! It's not their fault that their seamstress is clearly blind! Don't insult the disabled! :please:
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