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    I heard with the title change with Eric Young from Thursday TNA had higher ratings from the shock from viewers seeing Magnus lose his title. Well not the shock is now over what will happen with Young now is he going to be looked strong with the belt heading into his rematch of course with Magnus? Or will this win a one time deal where the next couple of weeks Magnus shows why he needs to hold that for TNA? Also Willow vs EC3 and Spud who knows what Willow did to Spud out in the woods of North Carolina, get your revenge boys! Next Bully Ray and Carter bs, but I thought Ray was at odds with Roode but it seems he's turning his attention only to her. Shouldn't Dixie be mad at Roode for not getting the job she hired him for whatever? Also Love vs Rayne feud over the Knockouts title I mean she's going to lose it eventually with Velvet Sky right? Lastly we didn't get it this past Impact but how Sanada vs Uno match 2 of their best of 3 series please!
  2. Also match #2 in Best of 3 between X Division champ Sanada vs. Tigre Uno.
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  3. Well this should be fun

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  4. They updated the official preview:

    - Bobby Roode has issued an Open Challenge to anyone EXCEPT Bully Ray to face him in a Tables Match! Who will step up to take on the challenge against Roode on IMPACT? No doubt, Bully Ray has to be fuming about what happened this past week when Roode attacked him while he faced the #WrathOfDixie. Of course, Roode excluding Bully from his Table Match open challenge will only make Bully angrier!

    - The war between The Wolves and The BroMans continue as The Wolves finally get their rematch for the World Tag Team Championship on Thursday's IMPACT!

    - In a Knockouts Streetfight, it will be Velvet Sky taking on her former friend, Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne
  5. "Open challenge to anyone except Bully Ray"


    Wonder how the Bromans will weasel out of this one? Something about Velvet Sky in a Street Fight just sounds like it was bound to happen.


    Willow has no chance in hell, he can't even reach Spud's knees on the greatness-o-meter.
  6. Spud is greatness, his stuff with EC3 always cracks me up and Willow is their fodder, so it's fine. I guess Bobby's match will be fun. Wolves vs Bromans will be a fun match, I guess. Velvet/Madison will be alright.
  7. I won't be here for this, sorry @Snowman and @GrammarNazi82 , i picked up an 8 hour shift at my job thursday, and dont go in until 5pm.
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  8. Sorry to hear, but thanks for letting us know, man. Don't work too hard.
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  9. Graphics are here, woo



  10. Tigre Uno will probably win the match, setting up Match 3 on Sacrifice. The Bro-Mans will probably win their match too, but DJ Z will probably interfere, so MVP gives Wolves a rematch on Sacrifice with a stipulation that if the champions win dirty, they lose the titles - therefore, Edwards and Richards can finally win the titles and hopefully we can see more tag teams in the division. Because even if Bad Influence resign, we can't really see only 3 of these teams fight eachother every other week.
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  11. lmfao
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  12. I legit laughed out loud when his mom called for him, and he tried to make an excuse. Robbie E (the whole Bro-Mans, in fact) is hilarious and so is the likes of Rockstar Spud and EC3. TNA have some of the funniest wrestlers in the business, which is always an advantage. Meanwhile, WWE still try to use the likes of Santino who feels way too forced and overused. I hope TNA continue to mix the serious and funny, so I really can't wait until Spud gets to wrestle again with the Rockstar attire (but he wears that awesome suit backstage and stuff) when he's not being awesome in the back.

    Oh, and if they're going to the whole Kenny King vs MVP feud, I'd laugh if they have Kenny come out and assess MVP's work during the night (giving him scores out of 10 and the like) and being his "assistant" for the night while he tries to fix problems with The Wolves and The Bro-Mans, Samoa Joe and while he creates matches for Sacrifice.
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  13. Note about Sanada:

    According to Puroresu Spirit, Sanada successfully retained the TNA X Division Championship over Christopher Daniels in the main event of today's Wrestle-1 show in Tokyo, Japan. Sanada won the match with his signature moonsault at 17 minutes. Following his victory, Sanada stated that he aims to create a revolution within the world of professional wrestling.
  14. Looking forward to the show, laughed hard at Robbie. This Sanada/Daniels match sounds like it was great.
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  15. I wish Sanada vs. Uno gets more a bit more than three mins.
  16. Yeah and they deserve it after the matches they have had on their own and together.
  17. Why isn't the thread live? :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. Not enough people for it I guess. :downer:
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  19. Internet connection failed me. Finished the show today, it was fun.
  20. Dealt with too much nonsense last night. Sorry, ladies and gents. Eventually we'll have another good thread for Impact. :downer:

    (They need to get off Thursdays. :tough:)

    Maybe we can have it some other time?
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