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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Kassius HoHo, Apr 19, 2014.

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    Well with TNA's PPV Sacrifice next Sunday, they really need to end this show off with a bang. Eric Young had a great match with Abyss this past Thursday but he has another grave challenge coming having to face Magnus let's see how he handles the stress of being champion moving forward. Angle vs Spud should be hilarious to watch this Impact because he's going to try everything in the book to get outta that match with Angle. Don't be surprised if Spud hires a Doctor to come to the show to MVP that he can't go in the ring. Well this past Thursday the greatest man who ever lived returned on Impact and boy Aries wasn't happy with the direction the company is going with MVP. It seems MVP is pissed off a bunch of people these days, Joe, King and Aries now hmm maybe a stable in the works? Well it comes to the match it should be a good one but I think King might decide the winner of that bout in my mind. Mark down your calenders boys for Impact because Beer Money is back in town and TNA has teased it, even for one night just do the chant with the fans and the match will be success. With Bully Ray/Gunner teaming up can those two egos get along in a Tables match, highly unlikely but not impossible. A special makeover for Madison Rayne is the present via the Beautiful people, this isn't good at all! Looking forward to seeing people chat it up for Impact next week!​
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    this might be cool
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  3. Spud being afraid of Angle throughout the show next Thursday will be a work of art. Hopefully EC3 gets to convince him he's a lion again, that's always great.
  4. Spud and Angle? That's gonna be the greatest thing ever :lol1:

    Off-topic: Anyone know whether or not Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes are still with the company? Those guys were great!
  5. To my knowledge neither of them were ever signed to a TNA contract but I could be bullshitting as I have no evidence. The stuff they did with EC3 was always fun.

    Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud sounds like entertainment to me. I have very much enjoyed Spud's run in TNA so far, he was way more charisma than his English counterpart Magnus IMO. I am excited for Austin Aries TNA return this Thursday! I just hope he does not lose to MVP which seems likely considering there are rumours of severe backstage heat on AA, I hope MVP eats a filthy Brainbuster.

    Beer Money reuniting is something I'm marking for even if it is just a temporary reform. I loved them during their initial run. Bully and Gunner will definitely have their hands full in this match. All in all I think this episode of Impact is looking pretty peachy.

    Side thought: The more I think about the main event of TNA Sacrifice the more I am swaying towards Magnus regaining the title. The reason I say this is because EY/Magnus simply does not possess that main event feel, on any card this is not gonna put arses in seats. A title change seems like an appropriate way of concluding this PPV.
  6. Dewey Barnes is a working as a TNA merchandise seller (as he was before he was put on TV last year). Norv Fernum was never under the contract, so I guess he can pop up if they need him. I always doubted they will sign him since he's from California, and that is far away from Orlando especially when TNA is cutting budget lately.

    Hope to see them back on TV sometimes, loved those schmucks.
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  7. I should be here for the LD tonight. Plan on a shitload of LQ posts.
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  8. Changed my mind, TNA is so bad to watch alone. Rain and GN tag me if you end up here.
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  9. Expect a tag in a few minutes then, bro.
  10. oh shit rearry?! alright ill check it out, pm me your link when you get one.
  11. watching vengeance 2001 Jericho beating rock and SCSA atm.
  12. haha no promises on that, those things are a pain in the ass to find. That's why I haven't been here bro
  13. I got a few links I could PM y'all if you want.
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  14. They say the shadows are decieving, you shall not listen when they say they can save you... but fuck that, save us Shadow, thanks!
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  15. Oh, I'm deceiving alright, just in other ways.:ksi:
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  16. i'd be glad to get a link. Cant promise ill stay the whole show but I'll be here for a minute.
  17. I'm not completely sure if I'll be here either if Aids won't. GN can't make it because of computer issues.
  18. lol if Rain feels he has to stay because i'm here - ill be here all night.
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  19. If Aids and Snow are out, I'm out. :tough:

    In the meantime.... about a decent link..... :please: I can always try that.
  20. Then plan on being in beautiful.

    @Dolph'sZiggler you going to miss out on the reunion?

    @Testify hey @Testify
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