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    Wow this is going to be a great Impact coming this week, I smell Magnus to sneak a win somehow to retain the title after probably Abyss doing all the hard work. As for the tag team tables match, Bully Ray and Roode were nuts with tables involved by themselves add Willow to this alongside EC3 tables will be used. Willow is crazy enough these days to put himself through tables just to have that pain injected inside him lol. Next the Knockout division, we all know Rayne won't be joining Sky and Love they need someone to defend the honor of the division if not Gail Kim? Lastly, Sanada vs Uno best outta three both men have been impressive in the ring and as a team this is going to be great to see who wins in the end.​
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    There's a thread this week! :yay: Thanks, Kassius!

    s-s-s-sanada v-v-versus t-t-tigre uno in a b-b-best of three series? :fap::shock: :yay: THAT RULES!

    Looks like a loaded show with very little fastfowarding, What the hell is a straightjacket match?
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  3. Sorry about that, the thread missing, very busy week....

    Straightjacket is vintage Russo. Rhino and Christian Cage had one back in 06/07, weird ass shit.

    Should be good episode after a weird one this past Thursday.
  4. I missed this past weeks, is it important that I watch it before Thursday night's or am I good just to scope a highlight video to recap the night?
  5. If you have the time, catch the episode. Good stuff IMO.
    If you really don't want to, you'll be fine just reading a report and finding Gunner/Storm on Youtube WatchWrestling.CH

    Dadada, dadada.

    Hey, Testi, it's fine man!
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  6. Okay kewl, thx for the information.
    I may or may not have time later today, but I'll make sure I watch the Gunner/Storm for sure.
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  7. By the way, if we don't get more segments of Ethan and Spud dicking around in the woods I will riot! That was great stuff.
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  8. Whelp on paper tonight's Impact should be awesome, here's hoping it meets the standards cheers.
  9. Sanada vs Uno best of three great to see the X-DIvision being showcased, hope to see it build and build.
  10. I've in all honestly lost all interest, see ya.

    I saw the people i want to see, Bobby and Spud. Outta here
  11. Sanada vs Uno solid match they were holding back to save the epicness for the last two battles.
  12. :lol1: I thought you would enjoy that!

    Whyyyyyy did I not get an alert for this tag?

    And holy crap, clearly they do! :robbie: What happened to everybody? Just a couple Kassius posts during the actual show, plus one from what's-his-face when he said he was leaving? That's just sad.
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  13. But of course! Spud crawling through the woods looking like a miniature bush had me cracking up for sure. Thanks! :yay:

    Because Crayo's a TNA hater and clearly disabled tags for this section. :tough:

    Yeah, really! Ever since we left the LD's, the TNA once have just fallen apart without us. If we get the chance maybe we can have a little reunion, perhaps bring along a certain Magic Johnson wannabe, tag Testify 80 times in a post he won't get for 2 weeks... :lol1: Can good times be here again? Will Kassius have some companionship that's worthy of his pervy self? Find out next time, on Impact Wrestling: The Thread.

    Hey @Leo C your boy's back! :russo: A Four-Corners match, an exhibition match, a tornado tag tables match, a best of three series, and a straightjacket match on the same show. WHAT IS THIS.

    *continues watching*
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  14. Roode and EC3 should be a permanent tag team called "The Eleven Percent"
    Have no idea where Willow ran off to, but he's free to just stay there. :tough: As long as Spud is able to free himself and unleash the Power of Idaho all over his technicolor ass.
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  15. Yeahhhhhhh, I'm a loser. :downer: I realized I just didn't feel like watching wrestling, at all, so when I got up this morning I deleted it off my DVR thinking no big deal. Forgot it was suppose to be such a good show this week. Ah well, I'll watch next week! And maybe I can try to be in the LD. :tough: Be prepared for me, @Kassius HoHo.
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  16. Haha you've been avoiding wrestling like the plague the past few months, can't blame ya. :pity: Both major companies hate you so much, and it may legitimately be true. Why bother liking them back?

    Didn't miss much this week, it was a skippable episode. :emoji_slight_smile: Kenny King is awesome, Sanada vs Tigre Uno was good, Brittany was back, and it was fun seeing Eric Young... Does someone have a time machine I can borrow to go tell myself in 2012 that I'd ever type that? :lol1:

    ...actually, with that video package that played at the end of this episode, can we (hopefully) rejoin the LD 2 weeks from now? Dixie can feel the #WrathofLowerRatings
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  17. Skip next week's show / LD and join up the week after? I'm good with that. :obama:
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  18. Sounds like a plan! That'll give @Kassius HoHo more of a chance to brace himself, too. :gusta:
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  19. I hate you so much I'm gonna put you in a straightjacket. Or through a cardboard (aka "table").
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