TNA Impact Wrestling -August 8th, 2013 - Live Discussion

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    -Thursday, August 8th at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    -Wichita Falls, TX​
    What To Expect​
    -We are drawing close to the rematch for the TNA World Title with Bully Ray and the Champion Chris Sabin, and both of these two will confront each other, with a contract signing.When you hear contract signing, it means chaos, who stay feel the wrath of the other, leading into "Hardcore Justice" within a Steel Cage?Also both men will be in action, in the main event of Impact, as Team 3D team up to face Sabin, and a member of Aces and Eights? Who will Sabin choose to go to war with him Thursday night, choose wisely my friend.​
    -Also TNA Impact will have some Bound for Glory match-ups voted on by the fans, and one of them is "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy, going against the Samoan Submission Machine Samoe Joe! Will Jeff be able to move in the rankings, or does Samoa Joe have the motivation now being with the MEM, to keep everyone he doesn't like out of the competition?​
    -Also the points leader Magnus from the MEM, will go on VP of the Aces and Eights, Mr.Anderson, will Magnus be able to keep that momentum he's had since the start of the competition, or will Anderson knock him off his crown?​
    -Christopher Daniels vs Kazarian, best friends, Tag Team Partners, one of the best Tag Teams in the Business will have to lace their boots against each other, with Bound For Glory Points on the line! With these two lose control and tear each other apart, ending their partnership or will these two man up and shake hands at the end of the match, as Gentlemen happy for the other who won?​
    -Also Thursday, we found out the August 1st Talent was not a former WWE Wrestler or Indy Star, it was Tito Ortiz, what is his plans for TNA this time around? Does he want to face off with Rampage, before the fight in the Bellator? Will Tito be looking to join Aces and Eights, hopefully he found out his plans fast.​
    -The Knockouts Division seem to be about to have two feuds going on, as ODB and Gail Kim ended in a double count-out, neither lady liked that decision, will these two want to settle the score with the other? Also Velvet Sky returned to Impact, and it seems she might want another shot at Mickie James, will be see either of these two show up at Impact?​

  2. Kazmania vs. Daniels :yes:
  3. I think Kaz will win, but I'm going to love watching Team 3D back to action.
  4. How do you think there gonna deal with angle having to leave?
  5. Mickie James is what's expected. :yay:
  6. This is taped one, the question is what they will do on live Aug 15th episode.
  7. Helllll yea I'm ready for some TNA. Where is everybody?
  8. Omg if this thread isn't live I'm going to bust a nut.
  9. [​IMG]

    Time to get funky, and enjoy some Impact Wrestling the best we can.
  10. Ugh Taz is back.
  11. Tazz is going to be on commentary, damn the world!
  12. :woo1: time for TNA!
  13. How's everybody doing tonight? :otunga: Aside from dealing with the asshole Taz. :downer:
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  14. So,we're going through another TNA LD w/o it being live?
    It's's a..
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  15. Bully Ray upset as usual, must of been something he ate lol.

  16. I'm doing alright, how are you doing? :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Is the thread live tonight or no?
  18. It's more than that. They assume no one watches TNA and don't bother.

  19. It doesn't seem like it's live :sad:

  20. I look forward to TNA the most all week,haha.
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