TNA Impact Wrestling-December 12th, 2013 - Live Discussion

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    What to Expect
    -The Finals to determine the new TNA World Champion, when Magnus takes on Jeff Hardy on December 19th at TNA Final Resolution.With the show after to hit them hard after this Impact, will either of these two men make a statement to the other, saying this is my title to win? Also will we see A.J Styles show up on Impact, when Styles told Dixie Carter you're going to need to come to Georgia to get this title.With Styles and Carter at odds, how will this effect the Tournament moving forward?

    -One of the most craziest concepts TNA has come up, feast or fired is back with vengeance.Who will get the title shots within TNA, and who will be getting a pink slip with Christmas coming up?

    -With the drama TNA loves to display to us on daily basis, forget it because we get to see Chris Sabin, the X-Division Champion, defend his Championship against Austin Aries.Will Sabin keep his hold on the title, or will the greatest man alive reign supreme with a title around his waist?

    -Who's gonna be the next victim of Gail Kim? The previous challengers Candice LaRae, and Cherry Bomb both felt the wrath of Gail Kim, the current Knockout's Champion, who will be next in line to feel the eat defeat?​
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  2. Please Chavo, get a "fired" briefcase, please.
  3. If theirs a God let it happen lol.
  4. There is, God is good. And if there wasn't God, then why all the churches?
  5. TONIGHT BRO!! :aries:


    * 12 Man "Feast or Fired" Match: Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Chavo Guerrero, James Storm, Zema Ion, Gunner, Curryman and more

    * X Division Title: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Austin Aries

    * Tag Team Match: Bad Influence vs. Eric Young & Joseph Park

    * Open Challenge: Gail Kim vs. ???

    * Face Off: World Title Tournament Finalists - Jeff Hardy and Magnus

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    Look into my eyes and watch Impact!
  7. Bad Influence!!
  8. Sting out of no where with his appearance, so I guess EC3 will show Sting someone took over showtime?
  9. MADISON RAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She's a Beautyyyyy...QUEEN!!
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  10. Madison Rayne <3

  11. Feast or Fired match fallout:

  12. This is the LD i expected. Was going to ask people to rate the show, but looks like i'll have to go someplace else for that.
  13. 6/10
  14. lol your opinion means nothing to me here, mark. I was meaning someone worthwhile, like @Rainman. I'd pm Kassius before i took your mark opinion as creed.
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    You are opposite ends of the spectrum. You know what spectrum means, right.
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    (and if if 6/10 rating is called marking for a show, then I'm guilty you drooling asslicking ****)
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