TNA Impact Wrestling-December 5th, 2013 - Live Discussion

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Kassius HoHo, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    What to Expect:
    -On Thursday we draw closer to deciding a new TNA World Champion within the company, with two semi-finals matches.One of the semi-finals matches involves two former Main Event Mafia members in Magnus and Kurt Angle.Even with the respect these two have for each other, that will be thrown out of the window, when this match is going to be decided via a last man standing match! Does the upstart Magnus have enough to keep down the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, or will Angle be the one making Magnus bow down before him?

    -The second important semi-finals match to decide the next TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode will go against Jeff Hardy.Both have been former World Champions, and they want the sweet of victory, with a Championship around their waist, will it pay to be Roode again on Impact, or will the creatures of the night, be celebrating as Roode go through a table?

    -Breaking news, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels went on a road trip, looking for evidence to get on Joesph Park.They say they have the evidence to get rid of Park for good, what do these two know on Park's life?

    -It seems the Bromans will have to keep from partying the next week, due to them having to face Gunner and Storm, former World Tag Team Champions within the company.With Gunner and Storm be able to work together, and turn the lights on the Bromans, or will the never ending party with the Bromans continue, to the break of dawn?

    -You know when Gail Kim started the open challenge, she thought she would have stiff challenges, but she's knocked down the challengers with ease, who her challenger this week, and where is this challenger from? ​
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  2. Excpeting a Bromans win over Gunner & Storm to further the latter's problems. Probably a miscommunicaton will come in play once again. Storm heel turn maybe? <3

    Hmm.... Gail Kim's next opponent should be interesting. Hopefully the other Blossom or some familiar indy face.

    World Title tourney semis.... Either Magnus or Roode have to win the title or this will be bullcrap.

    Evidence on Joseph Park? By Bad Influence? Outta boy, this should be great.
  3. Expect this is your life Park, and Bad Influence at the hosts lol.On paper should be a very good Impact, to me Roode probably wins the whole thing.Styles comes back and you get Roode vs Styles which will be outstanding to see in the ring.
  4. Seems like a great episode, I hope I'm able to catch it live.
  5. Last Man Standing will be a great match, I see Magnus going over Angle easily in that match, Table match can go either way
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  6. The good news about the stipulations is that whomever loses will be protected, either way.
  7. EC3 to challenge a living legend this Thursday night


  8. I must say the Bromans are entertaining me on a weekly basis, and DJ Zema Ion is going to be star with those noises that come out of his mouth.Will I get in trouble if I don't shower?
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  9. It's been two straight shows without Austin Aries. #NotThankful

    It's also been three straight show without Jeff Hardy on IMPACT. #Thankful

    Obviously, tonight Hardy will wrestle Roooo, but give us an Aries segment or GTFO.

  10. The opening vid for tonight's show
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  12. I can't wait for the semi-matches to take place, it oughta be an awesome show.
  13. Bring on the chaos, let's see what happens tonight.
  14. Internet seems slow and lagging tonight, but will participate as I can.
  15. @CM Punk could you make this live sweetie?
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  16. Glad you're here! Also, yeah the show seems a bit slow right now.
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  17. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooode!
  18. Ooooooh, you tell him, Roode!
  19. Come on Hardy, just stay in the back where everyone wants you!
  20. Jeff Hardy trying to be his own DJ, his own hype man lol.
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