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    MVP vs Bobby Roode looking forward to that, beating a comedy act in Spud is no challenge MVP, you're messing with one of the best Wrestlers in the world let's see how you deliver this week. Also Angle's HOF ceremony someone is going to ruin it right? Storm vs Gunner once again, why did you screw me over Storm, we were partners blah blah. Sky/Rayne vs The new Twin Towers oh boy expect Sky and Rayne to get toss around like toys that match. Lastly Joe/Magnus contract signing shit is going to hit the fan real quick especially if you disrespect Joe!​
  2. Gonna be a good show imo, can't wait to see Roode vs. MVP tbh.
  3. Looks a good episode again. Will defo watch.
  4. The show hails from Wembley Arena in London, and the crowds there are ALWAYS off the charts. Can't wait just because of it.

    Some clips from two years ago:

  5. NXT Arrival vs Impact it's gonna be hard to choose especially getting the WWE Network today.
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    That is hard! Most weeks I'd say Impact live before NXT later since it's so easy to just watch NXT later on the Network... but there's no way you can wait to watch Arrival, is there?

    Wait, they're still in the UK? :yay:

  7. I'm curious as to why they are not doing it on Wednesday, honestly I feel like all people want to do on Humpday is chillax and watch TV.

    Also NXT is ballsy for putting the 1st hour of it on during 8 o'clock primetime on Thursday when Community and Parks & Rec are on.
  8. Nevermind I answered my own question, I believe it's because they're still planning on doing a show right before on Wednesday.
  9. Wait a minute... it comes on at 8? Impact comes on at 9, HoHo your question has been answered! :yay:
  10. Yeah it starts at 8 but is a 2 hr special so will go on until 10 through the first hour of TNA :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. I think I'm going to have to watch TNA over NXT arRIVAL although I do plan on checking that out at some point sooner rather than later!
  12. TNA for me all the way for Thursday, I can't miss Roode vs MVP during it's original airing.
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  13. Yeah bro, they taped 6 episodes of TV in the UK, this is the 5th one to air. Final UK episode to air next week and is a Lockdown "go-home" show.
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  14. Hey Testify, question (it's in the spoiler)
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    I've been hearing Doug Williams is set to return? He was in the British Invasion if I'm not mistaken w/ Magnus & Rob Terry. Is there truth to this do you know?
  15. Spoiler down there, keep your eyes somewhere else I guess

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    Yes, Douglas Williams will return this Thursday night on Wembley episode of Impact, bro
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  16. I'll be tuned in for sure, I'll have an easier time watching the replay of arRIVAL then I would TNA.
  17. Anyone planning to be here tonight for this?
  18. Lol guess not :emoji_slight_frown:
    Looks like NXT buried TNA tonight.
  19. Damn looks like Bro-mans will be joining Team Roode over Bad Influence, I assume EC3 is going to be the 4th member.
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    Lol Austin Aries is the man, great segment by him.
    Yeahhhh I hope AA ends up on Team MVP that'd be dope.
    Rly wish someone was here to discuss kk im out now to watch the rest of it.

    Wow, EC3 is not on team Roode he has a match vs Angle @ LD niceee!
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