TNA Impact Wrestling-January 2nd, 2014 - Live Discussion

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    What to Expect:
    -Dixie Carter finally after being bothered by multiple TNA talent was able to tell the TNA universe, that this coming Impact Magnus will have his celebration ceremony after winning the TNA World Title for all to see.Will anyone come to spoil the party, trying to get their first shots at the new World Champion, and if they do what will Dixie Carter have in store for them?

    -After the main event of Impact, in the tag team match between Sting/Hardy vs the Bromans/EC3/Spud, were the TNA were left in shock as Jeff Hardy can't take the politics and problems going on with Dixie Carter in charge.I think last week's screwing in his quest for the TNA World Title was the final straw that broke the Camel's back, and Jeff would go somewhere else than deal with this chaos! What will Sting have to say on what happened this past Impact to convince Jeff to come back to TNA?

    -The war has just begun between Gunner and Storm, as Storm tried to take Gunner's TNA World Title contract in a one-on one singles match.Their was no victor between the two, will we see an rematch involving the same prize on the line, or will Storm let go of his thirst to be World Champion again for now?

    -It seems the Scientist Eric Young found the right formula to solve the puzzle involving Joesph Park, who seems to finally embrace he's Abyss.Kaz and Daniels felt the wrath of Joesph Abyss, but will Kaz and Daniels be looking for revenge, or will they be hiding now seeing the inner Monster finally be awaken inside Park?!

    -This coming Impact Sabin can put up on shut up as he finally gets his X-Division title rematch versus Austin Aries.Will Sabin be able to call himself champion, or will the greatest man alive put Sabin to sleep with a Brainbuster once again.
  2. Fix the thread title, it's 2014 lol.

    Aries vs. Sabin for the X-Division Title is also happening on the show.
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  3. Fixed thanks Testify.
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  4. Official preview

    - On Thursday's IMPACT, TNA President Dixie Carter will present the official coronation of the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus! In true British style, Carter plans to give her champion the complete royal treatment in his first appearance with the World Title! However, will there be any uninvited guests that decide to crash the coronation of Magnus?

    - The X Division Championship will be on the line on Thursday night as new titleholder Austin Aries battles Chris Sabin in a rematch! Don't miss two of the premiere X Division superstars setting the bar for nonstop action in 2014 with the X Title at stake!

    - Olympic gold medalist and multi-time World Champion Kurt Angle has informed TNA officials that he will make an announcement on IMPACT about his future in wrestling. Rumors have been swirling for weeks ever since Kurt lost to Bobby Roode once against at Final Resolution - what will he announce to the wrestling world? Tune in and find out!

    - Also on IMPACT: Bully Ray will battle Joseph Park, Gail Kim's ongoing Open Challenge, plus the TNA in-ring debut of Samuel Shaw!


  5. Aries better retain that title. Looks like a good show.
  6. "However, will there be any uninvited guests that decide to crash the coronation of Magnus?"

    ^:lol1: They know what's up here. They know what the fans are thinking.

    Samuel Shaw is debuting? YAY! Not that hyped about the gimmick, but seeing new faces is always nice.
  7. It's tragic. TNA is hyping the in-ring debut of a guy that already wrestled 6 matches in TNA, 4 of that on TV, and 2 on PPV.


    But yeah, I'm excited to see what new he can bring to the TNA table.
  8. The first Impact of 2014 let this show start off a great year to come hopefully for TNA.
  9. Roode is tellling Angle he ran outta lives IT'S GAME OVER ANGLE!
  10. Damn, I missed Roode talking.:sad:
  11. Angle vs Roode at Genesis in a Cage!:ksi:
  12. Anything good happening so far? Watching last week's episode of NXT and wondered if I should switch over.
  13. Stupid non-live thread, gah.
  14. I came in the same time as you, it seems we missed a Roode/Angle segment. They're gonna have a tag match later tonight.
  15. Made thread live I'm struggling to sleep so fuck it scotch and tfa.
  16. Dammit.... At least it's DVR-ing so I can catch that later. Woo, Roode!
  17. My hero; thank you, sir.
  18. We are live and sticky folks!
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  19. Turned over just in time to see chicks, woo! Just my luck. :haha:
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