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    -Thursday, June 20th at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    : Peoria, IL​
    What to Expect​
    -Bully Ray needs to get his crew into a straight line if they were in Kindergarden, because we saw some friction between DOC and the other Aces and Eights members, as he didn't want to go with the plan of having Anderson, represent them in the Bound for Glory Series, will this continue..or will Bully Ray put a stop to DOC's anger?! Also on front.​
    -All of the Bound for Glory competitors will be action this week, speaking of Bound for Glory, with Gutcheck on for this week, we will find out by the voters from the TNA fans will decide either Jeff Hardy or Bobby Roode will be going on first to get this Bound For Glory Series off with a bang?​
    -Sting on Thursday told the world he's bringing back familia, he's bringing back the Main Event Mafia to take out Aces and Eights? Will this new Main Event Mafia have new stars on the cuff of being true stars, or will we see vets from the past Main Event Mafia back in the group this time around, we will see?​
    -On Thursday, Rampage Jackson saved Angle from another mugging from Aces and Eights, did he do it to gain Angle's respect, or is playing with Angle to strike when the Iron is hot, and put Angle under him when he gets the chance?​
    -Last week A.J Styles and Kurt Angle had a main event match to determine a spot in the Bound for Glory Series, AJ came up on top with the help he didn't want Aces and Eights.Will AJ want to confront Aces and Eights to tell all of them to stay outta his business?​
    -I've waited for years for TNA to give me Mickie James a heel once again, going back to her WWE days but this time around Mickie is not playing the Lesbian stalker, who won't let go, she is playing the Woman who is going to break bone, and not let no lady take what she's earned back in the Knockouts Title! Will Velvet Sky be able to pull herself together, and if she does, will she able to handle this new Mickie James?!​
    -Oh God Brooke Hogan is coming back to Impact, to address the Knockouts Division? Hmm I wonder will this have to do with her feelings with Bully Ray or maybe the actions going on with Sky and James? I have a feeling we could see Brooke Hogan walk away from TNA, maybe because she feels she will not be focused enough to do her job the best of her ability?​

  2. Should be a tight episode with the BFG series kicking off.
  3. 6 matches
    + Brooke Hogan announcement
    + All the champions advertised
    + Sting, Hogan and Angle advertised

    Talk about stacked episode and a first few squashes in the BFGS. Too much.
  4. Hardy or Roode picking their opponent and that will start the BFG series. I think Hardy would pick Roode and Roode would pick Hardy tbh
  5. MAIN EVENT MAFIA!?!?!?!? If they are returning im gonna watch! Loved that team!
  6. It won't be the original members. Steiner and Booker aren't coming back, Nash probably not too.
  7. Still interesting to see so I will tune in.
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  8. BFG lasts 5 months?!?!?!?
  9. No, that guy in the vid is a complete jackass lmao. It last 3.5-4 months. This year, it'll be 3.5 months, I reckon.
  10. 3.5 is still a bit long for a 12 man tournament dont you think lol But anyway Ill tune in.
  11. Guess who'll be here?

    Probably a handful of awesome people! :win:

    Oh yeah, I'll be here, too.

  12. I don't mean this in an offending way -- just genuinely can't remember so thought I'd ask -- you don't regularly watch iMPACT, correct?
  13. Nope. I barely ever watch but the BFG and MEM interests me.

  14. Awesome. :emoji_slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it this week! Sting announced the MEM bit on the show last week, so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. Plus the BFG series is a great time to tune in to the show. Hope to see you here in the discussion thread if you get to watch it live. The more, the merrier!
  15. Thanks man, I may watch it live depends if I have anything on Thrusday :emoji_slight_smile:
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  16. :woo:BFG. And Open Fight Night. :happy:
  17. Thanks woman* :walter:
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  18. I can always count on you. :haha:
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  19. Last time TNA was up against NBA Final Game 7 was 2010, shortly after they went back to Thursdays. Then it looked something like this:

    Game 1 : 1.05 million viewers
    Game 4 : 1.28 million viewers
    Game 7 : 1.22 million viewers ( Game 7 did an average of 28.2 million viewers. )
    Post NBA Finals show : 1.22 million viewers

    Rooting for Spurs!
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