TNA Impact Wrestling - June 6th, 2013 - Live Discussion

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    Duluth, GA​
    What to Expect-​
    -On the heels of the TNA World Title match at Slammiversary, who left the Champion of the world? Did Bully Ray usher in the Bully Ray era, or did Sting shock the world again at Slammiversary, to have more run as World Champion?​
    -At Slammiversary, TNA made Kurt Angle their next inductee into the Hall of the Fame..with that spirit and no quit attitude, was that the just advantage he needed to defeat AJ Styles at Slammiversary? Also will this be the last time we see these two square off?​
    -Two huge matches involved Aces and Eights, at Slammiversary.One being the Television Title match between Joesph Park and D-Von, did D-Von testify a win Sunday, and did Abyss have anything to do with the outcome of the match from Sunday and if so, will we see either of them Thursday? Secondly, Team TNA squared off with Aces and Eights members Wes, Anderson and Garrett, did Jeff Hardy give TNA the win they needed to change the balance of power of TNA, with Aces and Eights or did Aces and Eights outsmart the TNA loyalists?​
    -Slammiversary had plenty of Title matches, but no more exciting and anticipated than the 4 team Elimination match for the TNA World titles! Every team wanted the Championships badly to put their steak into the ground, as the best in TNA, who was the victor and who was left to head back to the showers licking their wounds​
    -TNA rarely does an Ultimate X match these days, but at Slammiversary we saw one with Kenny King, Chris Sabin and Suicide? Two tough challengers for Kenny King..was Cool hand Luke I like to call him, able to climb high in the sky to retain his belt..or has Kenny King’s reign ended after Slammiversary?​
    -Yes the Knockouts Title wasn’t defended at Slammiversary, but TNA did give us a last Women Standing match, between two heated rivals in Gail Kim and Tayrn Terrell! Gail Kim lately has mugged and damn near cut short the careers of plenty of Knockouts lately, was she able to do the same against an up comer within TNA, and the Knockouts Division in general?​
    -Will we see the new talent Dixie Carter signed, is it a young Indy talent or a former WWE pirate recently released or released in the past?​
    I made two of these, one non-spoiler free..and one with spoilers, but I thought people who didn't see the PPV it's fun for all, let's break records Thursday!​

  2. Wish I could be in attendance for the show. Hoping for the best this week. :testify:
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  3. Oh my brotha TESTIFY TO THAT!
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  4. BFG Series begins - fuck yeah!
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  5. :dafuq: Why is this at the bottom of the page? iMPACT tonight, brothers! :testify:
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  6. sooooooooo excited for rampage jackson :/
  7. Champions vs. Challengers match is set for tonight:

    Chris Sabin, James Storm & Gunner vs. Kenny King, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

    Spoiler alert: Sabin pins Roooo.
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  9. Oh shit, wait!


    BFG SERIES :yay: Congrats on TNA for booking themselves 66 free filler matches to make the road to BFG that much more interesting.
    Super interested in Angle/Styles follow-up, too. Lets see if our defense of that was justified, or if Stoppy was right.
    Bully's celebration oughta be fun, maybe Bad Influence will be pissed at Cowboy and Gunner and be hilarious, maybe Sabin could be put over like a baus...
    So much potential for amazing stuff tonight :yay:
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  11. This one still works for my time zone! :win:
  12. :neveralone:
  13. Never Alone guy, with a little work, you could have a badass Zema Ion haircut.
  14. And the tumor too! It comes free for only 30k!
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  15. Roll call!! Who's going to be here tonight?
  16. Not me. :downer:

    (:phew: Thank goodness I learned all those cool little ninja moves to dodge flying pots and pans)

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  18. I hope I have sufficiently shown my anger. :kratos:
  19. I'd like to, but fucking Rogers Cable has put a stop to that. Now with the wee one I can't go to the computer room and watch a stream :sad1:
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