TNA Impact Wrestling -May 16th , 2013 - Live Discussion

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    TNA Impact Wrestling -May 16th , 2013 - Live Discussion​
    United States: May 16th 8/7c on SpikeTV​
    United Kingdom: May 19th on ChallengeTV​
    -Tupelo, Miss​
    What To Expect​
    -With TNA down and out, being the victims of Aces and Eights..a man from Hell came from the shadows and saved Angle and Sting, and that man was Abyss.I wonder who will be the first true victim of Abyss, could it be Bully Ray, or does he want to take out the Indians before taking out the Chief?​
    -The World Title main event contract signing between Sting and Bully Ray for Slammiversary, if this was WWE a table would be broken, could it happen next Thursday?​
    -With Angle attacking AJ Styles for not giving him an answer, could be we see a feud brewing between these two once again? I wonder if Angle really just wants to kick AJ's ass or does he want to bring him back to the light where you can find Razors.​
    -X Division Championship: Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams, will we be screaming Hail Sabin for another X-Division title reign by this man, or can the Champion overcome two of the most popular TNA X-Division Wrestlers TNA has produced?​
    -Gut Check: Jay Bradley vs. Christian York in a Bound For Glory Series qualifying match.​
    -Who is the true number one contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Titles, Storm got drunk and fucked up the match, with TNA fixed this problem? If I was them, just make a triple threat tag team match for the belts in a Ladder Match at Slammiversary!​
    -With Gail Kim losing her damn, recently attacking her own partner Tara who will be the next Knockout to feel the wrath of the Figure Four Leg Lock through the Post?​
    -With D-Lo still not in Aces and Eights, could be see the Butler D-Lo Brown shining some Shoes Impact on Thursday?​
    First LD for the WWEForums, everyone unite MP as and all!​

  2. really now
  3. lol'd. Nice first discussion thread. ^
  4. Truly my brotha.
  5. Can you add spaces between them like this? Kind of hard for me to read all together.
  6. Fixed, hopefully we get 500 hundred post this week for the LD, it seems you guys get a good amount of posts for them which I will love to increase.Match I'm looking forward to is, Sabin getting his shot versus King, should be a good match!
  7. We get a decent amount of people discussing. TNA discussion threads have been dominating WWE's for 3 weeks now.
  8. TNA discussion is usually quality over quantity.

    Last week for instance we had maybe 5 of us in here but it was one of my all time favorite discussions
  9. I prefer TNA discussion threads too. They tend to be funnier. I'll be here for this this week. My hiatus from live TNA has ended.
  10. You should have chosen last week. *If* I'm able to get off work, it will be to watch the Warriors game
  11. Oh I bring on the fun, can't wait have some fun with the people here for the first time.Thursday needs to come sooner!
  12. Oh snap. Thursday is in 2 days.
  13. I browsed the LD for the first 20 mins or so on my phone, but I was too tired to join it. Saw it had quite a few good members in it though. The episode was good last week though, so we should have a good turn out this week.
  14. Looking forward to seeing Jay Bradley in action again, brother.
  15. Same here, he had that match with Cage right, and he a solid match with Cage if I can remember, both guys could of won the contract.
  16. They SHOULD'VE both won the contracts, but fuck it.
  17. Yeah true, take away Silva contract damnit lol.
  18. Gonna be off on Thursday, so I'll make the discussion :yes:
  19. Awesome, let's party like it's 1999 Thursday!
  20. [​IMG] Naw foo, we gonna party like it's 1699
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