TNA Impact Wrestling-May 30th , 2013 - Live Discussion

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    -Tampa, Florida​
    What to Expect​
    -Days away from TNA Slammiversary, Sting gets a catch to rip apart the TNA World Champion this Thursday when he tags with Joesph Parks against Bully Ray and Devon! Now, I wonder well Parks be asset in the ring, or a asset for a lawsuit after the match, we will find out!​
    -We all thought AJ Styles will be with Aces and Eights towards the ending of Impact last week, but Styles did some construction work with a Hammer on Aces and Eights, telling everyone..I STAND ALONE! This week Mr.Anderson will look to get revenge for Aces and Eights, will he fail in his journey? Also will we see Styles's opponent at Slammiversary wanting to repay the favor after he took a shot to the knee?!​
    -Two Slammiversary matches gets to tag up this Thursday, as the number one contender for the X-Division Title tags with Tayrn Terrell versus the X-Division himself Kenny King and Gail Kim! Emotions will be high and someone is looking for injure the other for sure!​
    -Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, James Storm, and Gunner team to take on Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Daniels, and Kazarian.All four of these teams want to keep or have the TNA World Titles, who will be standing tall going into Slammiversary?!​
    -Last week we saw a new Knockouts Champion being crowned in Mickie James, now she is a 9 time Champion and 3 time Knockouts Champion, will Sky be at Impact this week wanting a rematch at Slammiversary, or will the Knockouts Title not be defended at all, or does TNA have a new challenger in mind for her?​

  2. Will be here live, no classes on Thursday and Friday. If I remember to show up that is.
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    Oh wait.....

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  5. I think the 9pm slot now is the perfect time to do it, with the Impact show building and Slammiversary Sunday, Impact better be good this Thursday!
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  6. To watch or not to watch, Hmmmmm
  7. Spike is gone from Canada. Stream it is. :sad1:
  8. Stuck this thread.

    With the new start time, being in TNA discussions is going to be pretty hard for me. Typical, it starts at 2am again when I actually fix my sleeping pattern.

  9. Geez 2am, lately I've fix mine sleeping patterns from 11:30 to 10 now, helps me with work but I'll be here tonight for sure.
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  15. is this live yet?
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  18. Oh, and I'll make this live before I go to bed.
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