TNA Impact Wrestling-November 14th, 2013 - Live Discussion

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Kassius HoHo, Nov 10, 2013.

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  2. Submission match, Angle and Aries = count me in!
  3. Fantasy match-up of my dreams, time to get off Thursday:ksi:
  4. Is this the first-ever Austin Aries/Kurt Angle match? That's just amazing. :damn:

    This may be the most I've ever looked forward to a wrestling show without that much announced for it yet.
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  5. Second. The first one was shown at this month's One Night Only PPV event, where Aries was victorious over Angle.

    But yeah, this is what I wanted to see ever since Aries came into TNA.
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  6. TNA might not rock the story line but you gotta admit they rock at the matches
  7. So for those of us who stopped watching ONO, this will be the first one ever? Nice! :win:

    Who's running Creative right now? Whoever it is needs to be the new permanent head of creative, the show's been great ever since Hogan and Bischoff were canned (shocking, I know)

  8. So tempted to make that my avatar.:hmm:
  9. I wanted to as well. Not sure how it'd look small tho.

  10. Re-sized it to the preferred avatar size:
  11. Same.

    Made a close up version as well.
  12. This made this thread an instant 10/10

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  13. Dixie Carter storms out of Spike TV offices over AJ Styles footage

    Park vs. Daniels has been set for Thursday.
  14. IWC: "Why does the fired Big Show keep getting video packages and access to the titantron? It makes no sense!
    TNA: "Hmm, well WWE is botching yet another angle, lets incorporate that into our AJ Styles angle except try to cover up that gaping plothole!"

    Don't know about you guys, but I'm appreciating this. :steiner:
  15. Tonight 9pm/8c

  16. Should be a great show it seems like. Who's going to be here? And who's going to say they'll be here then not show up?
  17. Dat nipple...... dem arms...... :gusta:
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  18. Curious to find out the stip for Magnus vs. Joe at Turning Point next week.
  19. When does it start?
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