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    Preview Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c - LIVE from the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah!
    Fans in the Salt Lake City area - get your tickets to Thursday's event online at Ticketmaster! CLICK HERE FOR TICKET INFO

    - IMPACT will feature the aftermath of TNA's biggest event of the year: Bound For Glory! Tune in for all the latest news and updates from the night that changed the face of TNA Wrestling!

    Huge News: Dixie Carter orders the AJ vs. Bully rematch for Thursday on IMPACT

    Watch exclusive footage now - after Bound For Glory went off the air on Thursday night, TNA President Dixie Carter ordered that the World Heavyweight Title rematch between new titleholder AJ Styles and Bully Ray will take place LIVE this Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV from Salt Lake City!

    - Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle will appear on IMPACT LIVE to discuss what happened at Bound For Glory! After shocking the wrestling world and respectfully declining his HOF induction, and then his controversial loss to Bobby Roode in which he was injured, what is next for Kurt Angle? What is Angle's condition after the match? He appeared to suffer an injury and was prone for several minutes, but climbed off the stretcher and walked out on his own power! What will Angle have to say to the fans on IMPACT?

    - On Sunday night, Chris Sabin regained the X Division Championship in the Ultimate X Match! Now that Sabin is back on top of the X Division, what does he have planned next?

    - Also on Sunday, new Tag Team Champions were crowned as The Bro Mans (along with their new Bro addition Mr. Olympia) captured the gold, plus Gail Kim regained the Knockouts Championship with a big assist by the juggernaut Lei'D Tapa! Now that Gail and Tapa have seemingly formed an alliance, can any Knockout stop them? Tune in to IMPACT for the latest on the new titleholders!

    Plus, where do "The Icon" Sting and Magnus stand after battling each other at Bound For Glory? Both superstars will be on Thursday's broadcast!

    All this and much more on Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV - LIVE from Salt Lake City, Utah!

    The rematch with Bully Ray vs A.J Styles, what might Dixie do this time around to try to get Bully Ray as the TNA World Champion again?

  2. Magnus slowly turning heel while trolling Sting and bragging about beating him will be epic to see.

    I have a feeling Ken Anderson will be back to TNA too.
  3. Hoping to see AJ retain (and I'm pretty sure he will).
  4. Would mark to see a Bromans vs. Bad Influence feud.

    And is anyone else thinking that this Angle storyline might lead to him going to OVW, to start from the ground up? And lets not forget the challenge from OVW champ made to Angle recently.
  5. If Styles is really still not under contract I could see him losing the title Thursday.

    Magnus as a heel is horrible imo, He is an awesome face, We don't see many UK faces as they usually play cocky UK > US gimmicks.
  6. Styles is under the contract until mid/late December, really can't see him losing on Thursday night.
  7. Woo, tomorrow night! :win: Looking forward to it.
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  8. Woo, tonight! :win: Looking forward to it.

    Feel like the one person in the world who doesn't think Magnus is turning heel. I'm enjoying the humanistic qualities his character has right now, but the rest of the world is yelling "Heel turn! He's acting heelish, he's gonna turn heel!" Kinda upsetting tbh.

    Still not expecting a heel turn though. Figure Sting will come out and call out Magnus and put him over as part of the 45 minute promo segment to start the show that all the post-BFG shows seem to have, and I'm not really interested in seeing a Magnus/Sting lovefest. Maybe they can tag team on Dixie.
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  9. Copycat! :lol1:

    To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Magnus doesn't turn heel. Of course, I'm also in the minority in that I try to not chalk someone up as really having a full-on legit heel turn unless / until they actually do a genuinely heelish deed. For me, I haven't seen that from Magnus yet. So if he does wind up doing it, I'll be one of the last ones to cry, "Heel!"
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  10. The quote thing looked bad. Removed it.
  11. Wrestling has kinda conditioned people into doing that. :dawg:
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  12. Magnus is turning.

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    Yeah, knew you'd be the one to pop up to say that. You smart person you. That was the frustrating thing about it, fans can be fans and think what they want, but seems like they can't make realistic characters with faults and struggles and stuff (helping us relate with them, one of the main issues with Cena.) because the fans won't see it that way. They just see "OMG They're teasing a heel turn!"

    It reminds me of... someone who shouldn't be named who I'll just not share the story of. :dawg:

    Bromans are feuding with Eric Young. :tough:
    Yeah, I'll even copycat myself, you smart person you. :haha: Miss being a fan like that. Can we change back?
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  14. Bromans vs. Chavo & Hernandez for the tag titles... UGH IF THAT HAPPENS
  15. Well, the Bromans got this Mr. Olympia manager... it makes sense for them to feud with Hernandez over who has the better pecs...

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  16. Wes Brisco is returning tonight.
  17. Well, it would indeed be nice if it had some more depth, but you know.
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  18. No. :tough: You parted ways from this fan route, now you have to pay the consequences. Muahahaha! I just don't ever want to be fooled by teases of heel turns. :haha: So I wait for concrete evidence.

    Also, the lack of character depth to an extent seems to make someone's comment of wrestling being "like a soap opera for guys" seem a little more true.
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  19. Isn't anyone else being excited about Best Brisco being back tonight? :fap:
  20. :woo1: